Best Whole House Water Filters 2020 Reviews

A significant number of individuals use whole house water filters for three major purposes, that is, to reduce contamination and impurities, enhance taste and remove odour. For one to find the best whole house water filter that suits your needs, some proper research has to be done due to the number of brands in the market. There are a couple of things you have to consider such as, ease of installation, maintenance costs and whether it is NSF certified to reduce contaminations.

8. Dual Whole House Water Filter Purifier with Carbon Block and Sediment Filters

It has A” outlet and inlet brass ports that remove bad odours, chemicals, contaminants, sediments, and chlorine from tap water. The polypropylene sediment filters remove the fine and large particles from water thus enhancing the effectiveness of successful carbon block and GAC filters. The GAC and the Carbon Block filters are essential in removing bad odours from the water. The filters in this system have a long-life span and can be replaced only two or three times in a year


  • Has a long lifespan Effectively removes dangerous chemicals Cheap to maintain since the filters are replaced few times in a year

7. Whole House 3-Stage Water Filtration System, 3/4″ port with 2 valves and extra 3 filters set

This type of filter system comes with a 10″ semi-transparent housing uses the reverse osmosis technique in three stages. The first stage is comprised of a premium quick-connect 5-micron sediment filter that traps scale particles, dust, sand, and soil particles. At the second stage, volatile organic compounds, chlorine, and other chemicals are removed by 10″ GAC carbon filter. Finally, CTO carbon block filter removes more chlorine and gives the water a better taste


  • They are affordable Package contains an extra set of filters for replacement Has a 3/4″ connection thread

6. 10″ Whole House 3 stage filtration water system + extra 3pc filters WH-3+3

It is the simplest type of whole house water filter system that has a metal bracket that can be hanged on the wall. The ten-inch filter can filter 2500-3000 gallons of clean water on a daily basis. It has a clear or white housing that is composed of a 1x wrench, 2x A” fitting, 2x A” ball valve, and a 3pc filter.


  • Has an extra three-piece filters

5. WGB32B 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System w/ 20-Inch Big Blue Sediment and Carbon Block Filters

It uses the fine sediment and carbon technique in three stage of water filtering. At the first stage, there is a 5-micron high-capacity polypropylene sediment filter that removes large particles and soil from water that can obstruct the next filters. For stages two and three, the system is made with CTO coconut block carbon filters. The high-density block carbon filters remove 90% of chlorine, organic chemicals, bad odours and tastes from the water


  • NSF certified Has a high capacity Filter cartridges enables longevity due to low pressure Suitable for clean water or water that contains heavy metals

4. DuPont WFPF38001C Universal Valve-in-Head Whole House Water Filtration System

It includes a standard capacity sediment filter that efficiently scales particles and expels and water used in a household. It is cheaper especially if you have a tight budget and can also remove water turbidity. Nevertheless, you can reinforce it with a carbon filter just in case you need to remove dissolved chemicals such as chlorine in treated water.

It is comprised of a hardware wrench, mounting bracket, and a 500-series block cartridge that easy to change. Moreover, the outlet and inlet ports come in a standardized ‘A” in size


  • Durable since it is made from heavy duty plastic It is the cheapest option Easy to install A three-year warranty It is affordable and has a low-cost option

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3. Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filtration System.1

This type of whole house filtration system is designed in a Sanitary Quick Change model that enables the user to change filters without a filter wrench quickly. It can take up to 20 gallons of water per minute thus suitable for many households. It is made of materials that are safe for food and water while its 304 stainless steel head prevent it from corrosion and resistance hence giving it a longer lifespan. The whole house system reduces sediment build-up thus increasing the lifetime of hot water appliances. The AP 900 model has a refrigerator timer that reminds the user to change the cartridge and filters.


  • Easy to install Easy to change filters It is easy to maintain.

2. Pentek 150237 #10 Big Blue Filter Housing, 1″ Female NPT Inlet/Outlet

This type of filter is suitable water that has a high flow that contains thick sediment. The 1″ female NPT outlet and inlet combined with a rubber O-ring keeps the whole system water tight. It has a semipermeable barrier and water filters that remove chemicals, microorganisms, and particles. The entire filter system contains more than one type of filter that removes different kinds of contaminants.


  • NSF certified Suitable for high flow applications such as irrigation Allows significant volumes of water to pass through them

1. Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Filter System

This tops our list among the top eight whole house water filter system. This model is best suited for residential water filter applications. One of the main advantages of this filter is that when fixed to homes mainline, it prolongs the lifespan of home fixtures such as washing machines by removing sediments before they reach the pipes. The filter is mostly connected at the entry point of a A” main water line.

It has a clear view sump that enables one to monitor the cleanliness of the sediment filter. When changing the sediment filters, the unit contains a bypass valve that stops the water supply. In case of a leakage, it has dynamic sealing O-rings and exclusive strung metal inserts that screw flawlessly into the right points.


  • It is certified and tested by NSF.
  • It is easy to install
  • Has a one year warranty
  • The clear housing enables the user to view the cleanliness of the sediment filters Contains a wrench and three replacement filters
  • Their 50-micron filters remove sediments, dust, and rust from water