Top 10 Best Quick Release Steering Wheels 2020 Reviews


A quick-release for steering wheels is the key solution for you to easily and quickly attach and disconnect your car’s steering wheel. Choosing a good steering wheel quick release hub is very important for you when driving your car at a fast speed and for a long duration. A quick-release hub allows you to adjust the steering wheel for driving safely manually. It has small screws for setting up and quick attachment to a removable wheel. It is located in the wheel bearings, and it is very durable and durable to forces. Having a good quick release is useful in many ways. For example, it helps to adjust the wheel without fear of falling apart, increasing resilience and workability with its amazing assistance for the safe run.


Not only is the best quick-release steering wheel can become an essential tool for your smooth daily driving, but it helps you get out of the car as immediately in case of an emergency. With the quick-release steering wheel lock, you are driving your car with the best safety precaution for you and your family well-being without having to worry about an accident happening because of loose fit steering wheels.


With so many products available in the market right now, getting the best quick-release steering wheel might be difficult with so many details to research and look for. This article has compiled the 10 best quick-release steering wheels in the market with an easy to understand buying guide to save you time. Now let’s go through the brief buying guide to give you a clearer image of the good best release steering wheel.


As there are many quick releases for steering wheels available right now, to find the best quick Release Hub, you have to consider two main features:

Material: for durability, endurance to heat, and long-lasting use, the hub quick release of your steering wheel should be made of premium or high-quality material such as durable and anti-rust aluminum, steel, or the combination to ensure it will stand the test of time and forces as you drive or race your car down the street!

Responsiveness: while it should be durable to external forces, it should also be responsive to your command. This ensures you can steer smoothly, and they will respond to your steering desire. It should be featured with springs to ensure quick and instant steering.

Safety features: the last essential feature to look for in a quick-release hub is the safety features integrated into the quick release hub. It should come with an easy detachment option, quick attachment, and locking option to ensure your well being and safety.

Now that you have read through the briefing of a good quick-release steering wheel’s essential features let’s go through the reviews and highlights of the 10 best ones in the market right now for your easy and hassle-free shopping.

10. VGEBY 6 Hole Steering Wheel Quick Release Hub

VGEBY 6 Hole Steering Wheel Quick Release Hub

This quick release hub from VGEBY comes with 6 long screws and 6 short screws for various driving and steering needs. With this good quick release, you can snap off the wheel easily. It also featured the best locking fit option. Its push-pin security feature prevents the wheel from premature unlocking. It has a strong billet aluminum body for greater bearing capacity and durability. This Steering Wheel Quick Release is easy to operate and set up with direct bolt-on and fast detach. It is compatible with a 6-hole steering wheel hub kit and was designed for aftermarket racing steering wheels.


  • 6 long & short screws
  • Ball-lock mechanism
  • Easy attachment
  • Quick steering
  • Ideal for aftermarket wheel

9. NRG Innovations SRK-400RG

Being one of the best steering wheel quick release, this NRG Innovations SRK-400RG offers the premium quality of steering wheel quick release hub. It features a durable and stainless steel body that can withstand shocks, stresses, and tear from daily use. It is responsive to your command and will not fall off with a secure lock feature. This model features an NRG Patented short hub that allows quick release while retaining close-to-stock dimensions. Being part of NRG, this model comes with the exclusive dual spring self-indexing quick releases that are not available with other brands in the market.


  • Premium quality material
  • Withstand shocks and stress
  • Responsive to your command
  • Retaining close to shock dimension
  • Exclusive dual spring index

8. Qiilu Steering Wheel Hub Adapter

Qiilu Steering Wheel Hub Adapter

Qiilu is your professional guide to getting high-quality auto parts. This steering wheel hub adapter is not different with premium quality and easy to use set up features. This stainless steel and enduring hub are tested based on strict quality standards before entering the market. This steering set hub is easy to install, and it is perfectly compatible with your original car. You can quickly set it up, and you can also quickly disassemble the steering wheel. This is perfect in case of an emergency. It also allows the driver to control the vehicle better.


  • High-quality auto parts
  • Easy to set up
  • Tested with strict standard
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Better control of the vehicle

7. QuickCar Racing Products 68 Quick Release Hub

QuickCar Racing Products 68 Quick Release Hub

This quick release hub is the ideal hub adapter from QuickCar. This product features the famous QuickCar brand’s quality and the premium quality made right in the USA. It is lightweight yet enduring to forces and corrosion. You can get this and replace it with your old car or a new car. It comes with an easy setup manual. After using, you can quickly disassemble it as you please and replace it with a new one after years of usage.


  • Made in the USA
  • Ideal for most cars
  • Premium quality
  • Enduring to forces
  • Easy setup

6. TEANTECH Steering Wheel Hub Adapter

TEANTECH Steering Wheel Hub Adapter

If you are looking for a powerful Hub Adapter, then TEANTECH is the right choice for your consideration. Featuring a billet aluminum body, this hub adapter has a good bearing capacity, and it is durable in use for a long time. It used the 6-hole steering wheel hub kit, designed for many racing steering wheels, especially aftermarket wheels. It comes with easy ball lock security features to ensure it will not fall out. At the same time, you can easily take this off in case of an emergency, so it makes your car journey more in control and safe.


  • Billet aluminum body
  • Good bearing capacity
  • Ideal for aftermarket wheels
  • Easy ball lock security
  • Quick take-off

5. NRG Innovations SRK-700RD Gen 4.0

NRG Innovations SRK-700RD Gen 4.0

With the availability of different types of the quick-release steering wheel, this Gen 4.0 of NRG steering wheel quick release hub aims to impress car users. It is made of High-Quality Aluminum with an Anodized Finish to ensure the perfect support for your steering. It is easy to install and take off. It can be easily wired for horn button installation. It features a tight Ball Bearing Lock Design to ensure it will not fall off easily. It is very durable and can be used under extreme stress and daily use or race.


  • New generation
  • Premium aluminum
  • Anodized finish
  • Easy to install
  • Can be wired for the horn button

4. BLUE ELF Universal Aluminum 360 Degree Steering Wheel Quick Release

BLUE ELF Universal Aluminum 360 Degree Steering Wheel Quick Release

If you have 3 hole steering wheels and are looking for a good quick release to fit that, this Blue Elf Hub Adapter is the right choice. It features a hex steel mandrel that can be easily welded to a 3/4″ round shaft. The disconnect hub is quick and responsive with bolt spacing. The hub is made of high-quality Aluminum material, so it is more durable than some steel hubs. It is resistant to rust and breaks even under maximum racing stress.


  • 3 Hole Wheels Compatibility
  • Hex steel mandrel
  • Easily welded
  • Premium aluminum
  • Resistant to rust and break

3. NRG Innovations SRK-250BK Quick Release Kit

NRG Innovations SRK-250BK Quick Release Kit

The Generation 2.5 Quick Release model SRK-250K has all the benefits of Generation 2.but it is updated with higher enduring capacity and more responsive support. It features the dual-spring mechanism with the addition of a flared ring that makes it easier to release. This addition increases drivers with leverage. This hub adapter is made from the highest quality aircraft aluminum for maximum durability. Like most NRG products, they feature the standardized test capability to support typical and race car drivers.


  • Newer generation
  • Dual spring mechanism
  • Flared ring, better leverage
  • High-quality aluminum
  • Tested with standard

2. Kyostar Steering Wheel Quick Release Kit

Kyostar Steering Wheel Quick Release Kit

If you are especially looking for a detachable steering wheel, then this one is ideal for you. The Real Carbon Fiber Trim is made of high quality Full T-6061 Aluminum Construction. This is the standard high-quality material to provide you with maximum support and quick release ability. It is compatible with most 6 bolt hubs either it’d be Sparco, MOMO, NRG, and Boss. This versatile product is suitable for most wheels, even aftermarket ones. They allow for quick release of the Steering Wheels with just a click.


  • Real Carbon Fiber
  • Compatible with most wheels
  • Ideal for aftermarket wheels
  • Quick-release mechanism
  • One-click detachable wheel

1. NRG Innovations SRK-200BK Quick Release

This Quick Release Kit is designed for racing and street applications. This hub allows a safe and easy operation on your typical family vehicle or racing cars being used with a removable steering wheel. Combining NRG’s aftermarket steering wheels and hubs, this quick release kit even allows a more comfortable steering position for your comfort, ideal for long car rides. It features a Ball-Lock type mechanism for the best locking fitting and usability. Enjoy the innovative Push Pin that presents the wheel from accidentally falling off. This hub is made of the highest quality Aluminum for maximum durability and strength.


  • Ideal for Removable Aftermarket wheels
  • Ball-lock mechanism
  • Responsive support
  • Comfortable for steering
  • Prevent falling off


Now that you have gone through the whole article, we believe you are ready to explore the best option for your car. Remember to consider the main features of a good quick release for a steering wheel, including the hub’s material, the responsiveness, and the safety measure.

First and foremost, get the best material quick release hub! They ensure long-lasting use and resists force and stress. Look for a premium or high-quality material such as aluminum or steel. You also have to consider the responsiveness of the hub. This gives you better control of your steering wheel in case any unexpected circumstance arises. Lastly, the safety features would provide you with a worry-free journey through options such as a ball lock, easy detachment, and the key to preventing your steering wheel’s loose fit. Have a safe journey and happy shopping.