Top 10 Most Powerful Air Rifles 2020 Reviews

Air rifles are the ideal tools for you to practice shooting or exploring hunting in the forest or nearby mountain. Air rifles give you an authentic shooting experience and a powerful shot. Air rifles provide adults with a suitable way to hunt, practice in the woods, or target shooting with boards or cans. Being the most powerful air rifle, these air rifles will evaluate your small game hunting or target shooting experience through modern technology and durable materials to ensure it is long-lasting and maintain its power as you use them. Because of this reason, air rifles are rising in popularity, and there are hundreds of products available in the market right now. To save you from all the hassle to research and browse through all the products available, this article brings you the reviews and highlights of the top 10 products available right now, along with an easy to understand buying guide.

10. SIG Sauer MCX .177 Cal CO2 Powered Advanced Air Rifle

SIG Sauer MCX .177 Cal CO2 Powered Advanced Air Rifle

This SIG Sauer MCX is a powerful air rifle that features CO2 powered tech with .177 Calibar. It features CO2 90 gram and 500 Lead Pellets Bundles. It comes with 1-4×24 Scope with tactical drills to target practice or small hunting expedition. Thie air rifle can deliver 30 rounds of rapid-firing, with simulated SIG MCX performance and handling. It also comes with an 18″ rifled steel barrel with a synthetic handguard and tactical front grip for easy use.


  • CO2 powered tech
  • 90 gram, 500 lead pellets
  • 1-4×42 Scope
  • Tactical drills
  • 18” rifled steel barrel

9. Umarex USA, Gauntlet PCP Bolt Action Air Rifle .25

Umarex USA, Gauntlet PCP Bolt Action Air Rifle .25

The Umarex Gauntlet PCP features a .25 Caliber Pellet that allows it to perform exceptionally well. It allows you to do 50 consistent shots before drop off. Its design has a 13 cubic inch tank that offers a velocity of 900 FPS. Enjoy accurate and straight-shooting with 10 shot rotary magazine and air pressure regulated at 1900Psi. It also comes with a single shot tray included and an adjustable comb. It has a pressure release key, smooth trigger pull, and a removable tank/ barrel band for easy use.


  • Fast .25 caliber pellet
  • 50 consistent shots
  • 13 cubic inch tank
  • 900FPS shoot
  • 10 shot rotary, easy to use

8. Crosman CS7SXS Shockwave .177 Break Barrel Air Rifle

The Crossman Shockwave gives you the power of a high-velocity air rifle with a .177 break barrel air rifle. It boasts a lighter and smoother triggering force. It features the nitro piston technology; the recoil allows you to shoot guns with 70% less noise. So you don’t have to worry about loudness that can damage your eardrum. This rifle features a durable all-weather synthetic stock and foregrip. You can enjoy the easy to use design with a rifled steel barrel, two-stage adjustable trigger, and 4x32mm scope. The Shockwave generates velocities up to 1200 fps and delivers power and accuracy shot with sound suppression technology.


  • High-velocity power
  • .177 caliber
  • Lightweight
  • Two adjustable trigger
  • Quiet sounding gun

7. Bushmaster BMPWX Full Auto MPW CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle

Crosman’s The Bushmaster MPW allows you to shoot BBs caliber at high speed of 430 fps. It is fueled by two 12 gram CO₂ cartridges, which allow you to shoot 25 round magazines. It also has a dual-action selector that lets you choose between semi and full-auto capability. The air rifle design gives you a genuine real feel with easy to use features like 6 points adjustable rear stock, moveable angled foregrip. You can easily add flashlights, lasers, and other accessories to the gun. It comes with a thumb selector style safety to ensure proper and safe handling.


  • Powerful BBs caliber
  • 430 fps, two 12g CO2
  • Switch between semi-full auto tech
  • 6 point rear stock
  • Thumb selector

6. Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle

Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle

The Gamo Raptor Whisper pellet rifle features the most powerful break barrel air rifle with the IGT piston that allows higher velocity, less vibration. It gives you up to 975 fps. Shooting capacity with Gamo PBA Platinum pellets. This gun has a longer lifespan than the traditional spring powered airguns, and it also features the well-known Whisper noise dampening technology for quiet shooting. This pellet rifle also features the SAT (Smooth Action Trigger), allowing the shooter to maximize pinpoint accuracy with an improved recoil pad. The SWA helps absorb the recoil of the air rifle when shooting.


  • IGT piston tech
  • Longer lifespan
  • 975 fps shooting cap
  • Smooth action trigger
  • Improve Recoil pad

5. Gamo 611006325554 Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle .22 Cal

This Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 is amongst the most powerful gas piston technology from Gamo that allows you to shoot a pellet at up to 1020 fps. This powerful speed is due to the larger 33 mm cylinder and high-tech noise reduction technology patented by Gamo. You do not have to worry about the vibration of the traditional spring piston. The air rifle is equipped with a 3-9×40 scope for easy targeting and accurate shooting. It is comfortable to use with synthetic stock, cheekpiece, and custom action trigger. It also has the Recoil Reducing Rail (RRR) that absorbs the recoil and reduces the scope’s stress.


  • Powerful gas technology
  • 1020 fps
  • Large 33mm cylinder
  • High-tech noise reduction
  • Easy to use scope and trigger

4. DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle with Dual Action Capability

See what all the excitement about the best high power air rifle is from Crosman! This is an officially licensed and stamped air rifle that gives you the power to shoot BBs at a blistering 430 fps. With two CO2 powered systems, you can shoot 25 shots per round. It has the dual-action selector to switch between semi and full-auto capability. It has a genuine real-feel and a 6-point adjustable rear stock. You easily use this gun with a moveable angled foregrip and Quad rail for the limitless mounting of flashlights, lasers, and other accessories.


  • Licensed technology
  • 430 fps speed power
  • CO2 powered system
  • 25 shots per round
  • 6-point adjustable

3. RUGER Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle

RUGER Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle

RUGER Blackhawk rifle is a combo air file that features spring-piston break-barrel single-shot power. It features all-weather Ambi composite stock fiber optic sights for your convenient shooting with 4×32 scope and mount. You can easily find your target for accurate shooting with 4x magnification and a 32-Millimeter objective lens. It has a 29-Feet field of view at 100-Yards with eye relief, so you can easily use this gun for accurate shooting. You can easily use this gun with nitrogen-filled shockproof, waterproof, windage, and elevation adjustments.


  • Combo air rifle
  • All-weather composite stock fiber
  • 4×32 scope and mount
  • 29 feet field of view
  • Nitrogen filled shockproof

2. Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 .22 Cal Multi-Shot Pellet Rifle

Standing amongst the best .22 air rifle, the Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 allows you to shoot with confidence and quickly reload. It features the new Swarm Maxxim 10X GEN 2 with extra magazine storage so you can enjoy the continuous ten-shot and autoloading break barrel. Equipped with Gamo’s revolutionary new horizontal magazine integration, this air rifle is very light and comfortable to use. It has a 10X tech system for smoother operation and improved accuracy.


  • Quick reload .22 air caliber
  • New Swarm Maxxim tech
  • Extra magazine storage
  • Continuous 10 shot autoloading barrel
  • Light and comfortable

1. Bear River TPR 1300 Suppressed Hunting Air Rifle – .177 Airgun

The TPR 1300 Air Rifle from Bear River is a high powered pellet gun with the best 177 air rifle power. It is engineered with spring piston technology that fires .177 caliber pellets up to 1,300 FPS. The fast speed gun allows you to ensure accuracy and target shooting with 4×32 scope. The top-mounted 6-inch Picatinny rail is ready for your choice of accessories that you want to mount. The TPR 1300 also includes a high quality fixed suppressor for quiet shooting, so you don’t have to worry about loud noise and recoil shock.


  • Spring piston tech
  • Easy target shooting
  • High accuracy with 4×32 scope
  • 6-inch mounting tail
  • High-quality quiet shooting

Powerful Air Rifles Buying Guide

With the trend of powerful air rifles, they are available in my types and features to best suit your shooting practice and hunting needs. From caliber at .22 caliber to high powered air rifles 2000 fps, these air rifles will help you evaluate your shooting experience. You still have to be mindful of a few features to ensure you are getting the right model to fit your needs. The four features below should be the essential factors for you to consider.

Features of Best Powerful Air Rifles

Type: There are different types of air rifles based on their power plants. Each power plant provides different benefits. Spring piston airguns are the most common form of a high-powered air rifle. This air rifle uses CO2 cartridges, with a small barrel of compressed air in a metal container. They are affordable and easy to find. For CO2 guns, they come in semi-automatic. As for Pneumatic air rifles, they use compressed air to propel the round from the rifle. A good air rifle is usually powered by CO2 for powerful shooting.

Frame Per Second: it basically means how fast the bullet can fly. The power rating of the air rifle dictates its capability. It is categorized in light, medium, and high FPS. Light powered air rifles are in the range of 600 to 700 FPS rating. Medium or standard power air rifles are the most common and popular ones, ranging from 700 to 850 FPS. High-powered or magnum powered air rifles are anything above 900 FPS.

Caliber: The caliber determines the capability that you choose with the bullets. .177 caliber is the standard in international shooting competitions. For .22 caliber, it is commonly used for hunting. Supporting the caliber and shooting, you can also look for extra options including auto-semi, or a removable magazine, to fire 5 to 8 or more bullets without having to reload or pump, and a magnifying scope for accuracy and targeting.

Material & Weight: look for durable gun coating material to ensure long-lasting use, including hardwood or premium plastic body and anti-rust, anti-corrosion system. Pay attention to the weight of the gun you want to get as well. Look for lightweight guns as you will have to carry them as you practice or when you get hunting in the woods. A shoulder strap would also be ideal.


And these are all the highlights and briefs of the 10 best powerful air rifles in the market right now. Ensure you are paying attention to the four main features mentioned above when you are buying an air rifle, so you are getting the best one for yourself. Make up your mind about the type of gun you want, including its material and speed power. Get the right caliber to fit what you want to do with it alongside the gun’s weight and design for your convenience. Happy shopping, and enjoy shooting!