Top 10 Best Plus Size Waist Trainers 2020 Reviews

Keeping your body fit and slim is never an easy task. Some women might seek medicine and eventually body fat removal surgery to lose weight and look good. But these are not healthy nor long-term methods and nevertheless have an adverse side effect. That’s why ‘doing an exercise’ and ‘going to the gym’ still top the list as, perhaps, the best method for weight loss and body shaping. However, if you want to accelerate the process of calories loss, you might need a supplement. That is no other than the ‘Waist Trainer.’ You will love to see how your gym and exercise work extremely efficiently with you wearing a waist trainer. Even if you are not doing the gym or exercise, you can still wear the waist trainer to do more casual activities. Nevertheless, there are many waist trainers from different manufacturers and designers in the market. But, what’s the best plus size waist trainer?

To help you select the best one for your body, we have prepared for you the below buying-guides. After that, you are ready to go through our list of the top 10 before picking your most suitable one.

What’s the best size for you?

It would help if you got the correct waist trainer for your body size. The wrong one can be really suffocating and uncomfortable. You should adequately measure your body first before deciding which one best suits you. If you have a hard time deciding, you can try finding a waist trainer that is size adjustable. It can fit more conveniently to your body.

What’s your desired level of compression?

It would help if you decided first how strong of the compression level you want. If you want to lose weight and burn calories really fast, you might want a firm one. But if you want it to go more gradually and naturally, you should not aim for a strong compression waist trainer.

Are you up for latex or non-latex waist trainer?

The latex waist trainer can be firmer and thicker than the non-latex one. It is also easier to clean the latex waist trainer than the non-latex waist trainer. However, the non-latex ones can be healthier for you as it is not as thick. Besides, if you are allergic to latex, you should avoid buying one.

10. SAYFUT Women’s Butt Lifter Shaper Seamless Waist Slimmer

SAYFUT Women's Butt Lifter Shaper Seamless Waist Slimmer

Do you want to find a unique and high-quality waist slimmer that will provide you with a full rear coverage shape? This is a top-notch waist trimmer that will lift your derriere besides providing full back coverage. It comes with a high waist design that can flatten your tummy with moderate control. It comes in different sizes and colors; thus, one of the best to try out. The brief front part of this waist trainer has two back spiral steel and two front spiral steel bones for back support and midsection. It will help you to relieve back pain as well as enhancing your posture. SAYFUT uses the sexy thong design attached with the elastic girdle to keep you in pleasant panty lines all the time. And, this one will adhere and fit anybody share at ease.


  • Perfect for flattening the tummy
  • Offer full rear body coverage.
  • Provide back support and midsection

9. Waist Trainer Corset For Weight Loss Sport Workout

Waist Trainer Corset For Weight Loss Sport Workout

This is a high-quality and comfortable waist trainer with up to four spiral steel bones to make it suitable for weight loss. It is made from a strong and elastic mesh with black lace in the front to make it breathable. This one features a 3-hook closure so that the size is adjustable for maximum comfort according to your preference. Thus, if you want additional support for your waistline or hips, you can adjust it accordingly. And, the closure hook also has an eye in the front. There are also four spiral steel bones with fin materials for the inside of the corset. You will find them very durable and flexible since they are as tender as plastic bones that can bend and recover quickly. The waist trainer is, in fact, available online at an affordable price. All you need is to place your order today, and only that you will realize how much you missed.


  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Adjustable for ultimate body fit and comfort
  • Extremely soft and bendable

8. Lover-Beauty Women’s Latex Underbust Waist Training Cincher

Lover-Beauty Women's Latex Underbust Waist Training Cincher

Finding a top-rated and quality waist trainer that will offer you high compression is significant when it comes to weight loss. This is a high-quality waist trainer designed uniquely and excellently to make it suitable for your weight loss program. The materials used in this waist training cincher is 96% cotton and 4% Spandex. And they are 100% Latex. Three useful hooks make it very comfortable. They are the key to keep you beautiful and slim. There are 9-piece spiral steel bones in this for additional stiffness. It will keep you in the best posture when compared to the 4-piece spiral bones. They are indeed durable and flexible, just like the plastic bones. This is the only waist trainer that can shape down about 4-5 inches in the waist.


  • Ultimate stiffness for the best posture
  • Adjustable size for ultimate body fit and comfort
  • Durable and flexible

7. LODAY Womens Shapewear Weight Los

LODAY Womens Shapewear Weight Los

If you are struggling to find a calory burner, this one should be it for you. The neoprene top of this waist trainer is thick enough to build heat for an increase in fat burn. The thermal gym tank of this shapewear can keep your midsection warm all the time. This LODAY waist trainer can cinch the waist as well as flattening your whole abdomen. There are both eyes and hook closure. Meanwhile, the underbust corset vest will cover a massive part of your body area except those surrounding your breast area. Thus, not only that it gives you extra comfort but also pushing up your breast. The 2 layer hi-compression will make you have an incredibly sexy curve on your waist and abdomen.


  • Thick neoprene burner top for heat creation
  • Breast push up
  • 2 layer hi-compression for sexy curve

6. Siliteelon Arm and Thigh Waist Trainer for Women

Siliteelon Arm and Thigh Waist Trainer for Women

Are you trying to look for one of the ultimate plus-sized waist trainers currently available on the market? In case you need high quality and durable waist trainer that will serve you better, this is a perfect choice. The waist trainer is made from quality fabric that consists of 80% Neoprene and 20% Nylon. Thus, Siliteelon designed this one for ultimate sweat prevention and comfort. This waist trainer is amazingly effective in raising your hips and make you sweet as many as four times compared to before. There is also a high waist belt attached to this waist trainer to help you burn your calories faster. Beyond this, it also improves your body health as it can relieve the muscle pain surrounding the arm, groin, and buttocks. You can wear this for working out, lounging at home, and doing chores.


  • Made from premium materials
  • Raise hips and make your sweat more
  • Improve body health

5. ECOWALSON Waist Trainer for Women

ECOWALSON Waist Trainer for Women

This is of a kind 100% latex waist trainer. Instead of using the normal steel bones, his one features a 9 fish scale flexible memory steel bones for additional body support. There are also 6 eyes and hook closure for flexible size adjustment. ECOWALSON designed this waist trainer to be longer in the front and short in the back for your ultimate comfort when sitting down. The latex material of this waist trainer is also breathable. And, with cotton lining, it can absorb then discharge sweet very quickly. This waist trainer can also boost local blood circulation to increase your wait and abdomen temperate. This will help to accelerate your sweating for faster fat burning. Not to mention, if you are recovering from postpartum, this one will be your big assistance.


  • Additional body support and flexible size adjustment
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Boost blood circulation

4. Kimikal Waist Trainer for Women Weight Loss

Kimikal Waist Trainer for Women Weight Loss

If you are looking for the latest waist trainer design for your exercise, this one can never disappoint. Kimikal uses the newest technique to upgrade this waist trainer to another level of effectiveness. The front hooks are at plus size with extra robust. Thus, it is adequately capable of supporting your exercise and gym with no accidental break-up. It also helps to accelerate the thermal activities. Besides, this waist trainer also features a long torso for ultimate weight loss. Since the course is made using stretch fabric, there is more flexibility for you. It also protects you against any stab or jab. Besides, you can also adjust this waist trainer’s size, thanks to the 4 sets of eyes and hooks, along with the 9 steel bones. This one also provides back support, lumbar support, and abdominal compression.


  • New upgraded design for exercise support
  • Long Torso for effective weight loss
  • Adjustable and flexible size

3. Reshe Waist Arm and Thigh Waist Trainer for Women

Reshe Waist Arm and Thigh Wast Trainer for Women

This 4-in-1 waist trainer is arguably the best waist trainer for plus size women. The 4 here include thigh trimmer, arm trimmer, hip raise, and high waist trainer. This one allows you to have complete freedom for your body movement. You can use it in any activity beyond just a gym workout. You can use it to play a sport such as a baseball, soccer, cycling, basketball, and more. The compression also supports blood flow circulation and easing muscle pain surrounding your hips, groins, arm, and more. The straps are also made adjustable for a custom fit and ultimate comfort. Reshe uses the latest design and premium materials for the creation of this one. It is 100% latex-free, and Reshe incorporates mostly neoprene materials. Thus, it is more durable and flexible for your body.


  • 4-in-1 features for efficient weight loss
  • Free body movement
  • Compatible to wear for sport activities
  • It is durable and flexible

2. BRABIC Women’s Waist Trainer Bodysuit

BRABIC Women's Waist Trainer Bodysuit

If what you need is a full-body shaping solution, BRABIC is ready to bring you one. This waist trainer is a full one-piece bodysuit that provides astonishingly firm compression control for your tummy, belly, waist, and your thigh. It also has breast support as well as butt lifting. You will immediately have a slimmer and smoother hourglass curve. BRABIC uses the top-quality lightweight fabric on this waist trainer for an additional level of elasticity, softness, and breathability. There is also dual-layer control in the tummy area. And, you might also like that there are no steel bones at all. So, it is much more comfortable. This waist trainer comes with boy short panties so that you can also get your thigh slim.


  • Firm compression control
  • Breast support and butt-lifting
  • Top-quality lightweight fabric
  • Very comfortable with no steel bones

1. Lttcbro Waist Trainer Belt Plus Size

lttcbro Waist Trainer Belt Plus Size

Are you looking for the best waist trainer for weight loss plus size? Ittcbro is one of the best waist trainer designers. This waist trainer from Ittcbro is the definition of adjustability, flexibility, and sweatband comfort. It comes with a zipper closure and one or two belts. The front zipper helps to keep a tight fit all around your waist. So that you can have the long-lasting effect of waist-cinching for ultimate weight loss. There are elastic sticker straps for you to adjust and secure the closure easily. Since it features 9-piece steel bones, this is a high compression while maintaining an adequate level of breathability. You will love to wear this to your favorite gym.


  • Adjustable, flexible, and sweatband comfort,
  • Waist-cinching effect for weight loss
  • Adjustable and secure closure
  • High compression level

How do you like our suggestions? We are wondering if you have found yourself the most suitable plus size waist trainer for exercise yet? We cannot wait to help you achieve your body goal. And, we strongly hope you get to pick the best one that fits your body size. You should carefully consider the compression level you want. Do not always aim for the highest, as it can be unhealthy for you. Nevertheless, you need to select between the two, latex vs. non-latex waist trainer. Choose the best one for your need but remember to stay healthy after all.

Enjoy your shopping!