Top 10 Best Plus Size Steel Boned Corsets 2020 Reviews

When it comes to self-care and self-development, our ladies are always so committed to becoming the best versions of themselves. Among the ongoing trend, we see that achieving the desired shape and body is really popular. There have been countless ways that people can use to get their body goals, with some being easier than others. But achieving and maintaining your S-shaped body should not have to be difficult. Waist training corsets have been increasingly popular for its amazing yet effortless performance. Today, we will explore not just any corsets but the best plus size steel boned corsets in the market.

Why would you need a Plus Size Boned-Corset?

You may be wondering what makes these plus size steel boned corsets different. For starters, these are corsets for plus-size women; thus, they are built to be sturdier and made to last. With the steel bones, it offers the necessary compression and supports you need. With so many available options on the market, sometimes it is hard to decide on just one product. We have compiled a list of the top 10 best plus-sized steel-boned corsets on the market to help you.

What kind of features should you look out for in a corset?

Before we go to the product reviews, let’s look at the buying guide:

What kind of fit and quality should you look for?

  • The first thing to look for in a corset is fit. Typically, they would suggest you size down 2-4inches from your natural waist measurement. Even with the “Instant-Shape,” you still need to measure to find the right size. A good quality corset should not leave you with unwanted bulges or bumps. Too small of a corset would also look unflattering on you. Consult the sizing details of the products before purchasing any of them. Another thing is the quality. Do not be tempted to buy a cheaper product to save a few bucks. Look for strong and sturdy fabric as well as great stitching and finish. As you are reading, keep in mind that buying corsets is like an investment.

Which type of corset is best for you?

  • Generally, there are two types of corsets available in the market: Under-bust and Over-bust. An under-bust corset would be more practical for those who are looking for a corset to wear daily. It is not as heavy as the Over-bust, and it also offers better flexibility. However, Over-bust corsets suit more body types while providing much-needed support for those with heavier busts. Keep your priority and needs in mind as you shop.

How comfortable should a steel bone corset be?

  • Comfort is an essential aspect of a corset. Aside from the quality of the material, the corset’s construction also determines its level of comfort. It should have a breathable twill lining or any other comfortable lining. This ensures that it does not irritate your skin. If you have large hips, also look for hip gores or hip panels for an easier fit.

10. Charmian Women 26 Steel Boned Cotton Long Torso Hourglass Body Shaper Corset

Charmian Women 26 Steel Boned Cotton Long Torso Hourglass Body Shaper Corset

A mix of 10% Spandex and 90% Polyester makes this fashionable; this Charmian body shaper corset is such a high-quality corset. Feel free to wear it for waist training, shaping, and tight-lacing. It matches well with a dress, costume jeans, or pants. You will be able to achieve the perfect S-shaped figure you’re looking for! This modish body shaper is manufactured using cotton. It has a buck-closure and a lace-up at the back. The back and the front length of 18.1 inches and a side length of 15.8 inches are good enough to shape the upper body. With twenty spiral steel bones, 2 steel busk bones, and four flat steel bones, these ensure the ultimate comfort and prevents the corset from moving unnecessarily.


  • Variety of colors and sizes
  • Fine design
  • Matches well with a dress, costume jeans, or pants

9. Daisy corsets Women’s Top Drawer Satin Steel Boned Corset

Daisy corsets Women’s Top Drawer Satin Steel Boned Corset

You will definitely achieve that slim figure you have always desired when you wear this Daisy exclusive corset in no time. It will be beneficial to you for a long time courtesy of the 100% pure cotton lining. You can choose a color that suits your taste and preferences from a huge variety; black, coral, dark green, white, fuchsia, gunmetal, blue, and purple. This corset covers the upper part of your body and keeps it in shape throughout the day. The front side has a zipper accompanied by a privacy panel underneath. Four static bones on the front and the back keep it firm on the body. The corset comes in different sizes, small sizes up to 4XL. Pick the size that matches your waist size.


  • Size variation
  • 100% pure cotton lining
  • Classy design with a zipper closure

8. SHAPERX Women’s Lace Up Boned Sexy Plus Size Overbust Corset

SHAPERX Women's Lace Up Boned Sexy Plus Size Overbust Corset

This SHAPERX women’s lace-up corset is one of the top 10 best plus-sized steel-boned corsets on the market. This awesome shapewear is specially made to form an hourglass figure. It features a stainless steel busk closure with a lace-up design at the back with a modesty panel. Do not worry about the corsets losing their shape! It is made from a combination of 10% cotton and 90% spandex. The product is super durable and rarely deforms! It is a perfect corset for weddings, role-playings, or other costume ideas and parties or even as part of your daily outfits! It offers a fully adjustable criss-cross ribbon laced back for a perfectly comfortable and snug fit.


  • Great for waist-training or just occasional wearing
  • Well-supported steel bones
  • Comfortable fit with good compression

7. Charmian Women’s Spiral Steel Boned Brocade Waist Cincher Underbust Corset Vest

Charmian Women’s Spiral Steel Boned Brocade Waist Cincher Underbust Corset Vest

This Charmian Women’s classy corset creates a slim figure and a perfect outfit for a fashion show, night party, cosplay events, or Halloween party. It comes in black, amber, blue, and white colors as well as different sizes. This durable corset is steel boned to give comfort and support. It is flexible enough to bend easily but reshapes quickly. This under-bust corset features wide shoulder straps, floral patterns on the overlay, busk closure modesty panel, W shaped hemline at the bottom, and criss-cross laces in the back. Super stylish yet practical! Make sure that you choose the size of the corset based on your actual waist size.


  • High-quality construction and finish
  • Stylish design with great details
  • A wide range of colors and sizes

6. PLAYGIRL LABEL 4 Layer Reinforced 26 Steel Boned Waist Training Shaper Corset

PLAYGIRL LABEL 4 Layer Reinforced 26 Steel Boned Waist Training Shaper Corset

This PLAYGIRL LABEL waist training corset is one of a kind. It helps flatten the tummy and reduces the waist size by six to seven inches. The ultimate ideal choice for weight loss and waist training! You can choose your best shade from the different colors available; blue, white, wine, black gored hips, blue, strong black single-layer mesh, and rust. Some of the colors are more visible than others, so if you plan to wear them under your clothes, you need to be careful. It is composed of four cloth layers; taffeta, reinforcing cotton, extra strength cotton for the outer, middle, and inner layers. It features 26 pieces of steel boned to give enough comfort and support.


  • Four-layered materials for extra strength
  • Good for waist training or post-partum recovery
  • High-density steel bones for extra support

5. ASHLONE Waist Trainer Corset for Women

ASHLONE Waist Trainer Corset for Women

One of the most popular corsets on the market we have here is this ASHLONE waist trainer corset for women. This is made with high-quality material and construction. Because of the natural latex, it is super comfortable on your skin all day while providing you the adequate compression you need. It has a single layer and 3 columns of hook-and-eye closure for you to adjust your fit. Achieving the perfect hourglass figure in just one move! This is better than most products on the market as it features slant steel bones to fit the natural curve of your waist instead of the usual rigid ones. On top of that, the breathable mesh fabric provides great breathability and ventilation. The best choice for waist training, post-partum recovery, or daily wear!


  • Versatile and compatible with all your needs
  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Comfortable and reliable

4. Lovezesent Women’s Zipper Waist Trainer Corset

Lovezesent Women's Zipper Waist Trainer Corset

Looking for a gift for your lady friends? This is a great option. With a zipper closure, this waist trimmer belt is very flexible for the wearer. Anyone from those who are doing waist-training to those recovering from a back or pregnancy can use it. This tummy corset has double layers for better coverage as well as compression. The high-quality spiral steel boning keeps it from rolling up and down while the lumbar provides back support. Correcting your posture and keeping you in your S-shaped all at once! You should refer to the size chart for the perfect fit!


  • No rolling up or down
  • Great back support and compression
  • Perfect for any occasion

3. TYUIO Waist Trainer for Women Weight Loss

TYUIO Waist Trainer for Women Weight Loss

Looking for a high-quality waist corset to try out without worries of no refund? This TYUIO waist trainer is the right one for you. With the upgraded latex fabric, this corset comes with three layers made from high-quality natural latex and lining for a soft and cozy feeling. On top of that, this product features a 9 spiral steel bone structure and 3 rows of hook-and-eye closure design. Super adjustable and flexible with great compression! You will be able to reduce at least 3-4” in your waist area if you wear this daily. With its super high compatibility, you will be able to use it for waist training, or post-partum recovery, or even during working out.


  • 30 days free return
  • Great materials and construction
  • High compatibility

2. SHAPERX Women’s Waist Training Corsets

SHAPERX Women's Waist Training Corsets

Another one of the top 10 best plus-sized steel boned corsets on the market is by the brand SHAPERX. With a busk closure, this corset is made to be super sturdy and durable for any purpose, from waist training to cinching to sliming. It features 20 spiral steel bones, 4 rigid steel bars at the back, and 2 steel bars at the front. These ensure adequate compression as well as bust and back support. The 3-layered fabric makes it great for those who want to achieve the S-shaped or hourglass figure. On top of that, the design is very sleek and can be worn under daily clothing easily. Sizing should reflect your natural waist size.


  • Classic, chic, and practical design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Great for shaping and cinching

1. Charmian Women’s Cotton Long Torso Hourglass Body Shaper Corset

Charmian Women's Cotton Long Torso Hourglass Body Shaper Corset

The last product we will look at is this hourglass body shaper corset by the brand Charmian. Made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, it is such a superior body-shaper corset top for those who are looking for a corset to wear on any occasion. It comes with a 26 steel boned structure that is super flexible and durable with the guarantee of no rolling down. It has a busk closure with a lace-up back design. Super elegant and fashionable. It comes in a range of classic chic colors and styles for both under-bust and over-bust. Perfect for those who are looking for a long torso corset in plus size! All you need to do is select the right size based on your natural waist size.


  • Versatile and flexible use
  • Perfect for those with a long torso
  • High-quality materials, design, and construction

All in all, we know how hard it is to look for the best steel boned corsets, especially for our plus-sized beauties. Keeping that in mind, we have selected the top 10 best products on the market to introduce to you, hoping you would make your decision easier. Each of the products has its own unique and special qualities, and we believe that you will be able to find the ideal corset for you.

With so many products on the market, it is hard to imagine what the best plus-sized steel-boned corset looks like. The best corset should give you the best fit and comfort while maintaining great quality and compatibility. The product that ticks all our boxes is the Charmian Women’s Cotton Long Torso Hourglass Body Shaper Corset, and that is why it is our favorite.

That being said, even the best-ranked product on our list would not be effective if it does not match your needs or body type. Therefore, you need to be super careful and thorough while you are reading. Hopefully, you can find what you are looking for on our list. Happy Shopping!