Outdoor Pizza Oven Kits 2019 Reviews

For all pizza enthusiasts out there, the importance of the pizza oven in satisfying your appetites is momentous and as is common knowledge; No Pizza Oven, No Great Pizza! The durability and efficiency aspects have significantly boosted the popularity of wood-fired ovens. When looking for a pizza oven to suit your needs, you not only go for that which properly prepares your pizza but one that is convenient for you.

8. Forno Allegro Pizza Oven – Nonno Peppe

Forno Allegro Pizza Oven

A product manufactured in Italy, this 65 kg, stainless steel oven is accompanied by a boxed chimney. It has a thermally insulated dome (stainless steel) that efficiently regulates the amount of heat it delivers fast heat delivering and slow cooling, and is also amazing energy efficient. The use of stainless steel is major because clay-made ovens have a tendency to crack and as such compromised performance. Moreover, this steel is resistant to all harsh weather condition. Its base comprises hand-made bricks (terracotta) from local volcanic lava residues. These bricks make it efficient and fast since they attain maximum temperatures in just 20 minutes.


  • Attains optimum heating temperatures easily because of bricks.
  • It is made of stainless steel which makes it durable and energy efficient.
  • It is wonderful for outdoor application.
  • It easily prepares fresh crusty hot pizzas!

7. Nonno Lillo Pizza Oven

Nonno Lillo Pizza Oven

Probably the lightest and smallest pizza oven around, the Forno Allegro (Nonno Lillo) is a wonderfully designed oven that offers a considerably sufficient 50 x 40 cm surface for preparing all favorite dishes for your appetite. With a fairly light weight of 35 KGs, this is an ideal appliance even for camping expeditions. The oven is complimented by Pizza peels and comes in hammered copper or Anthracite finishing, and as opposed to clay made ovens, this one boasts pure stainless steel build and as such is free of cracks and inefficiency in heat retention.


  • Is quick to heat up and attain maximum cooking temperatures.
  • Durable-a factor inspired by steel construction.
  • Lightweight and small-sized thus portable.
  • Accompanied by Pizza peels thus boosting efficiency.

6. Pizzaioli Traditional Brick Wood Pizza Oven

Pizzaioli Traditional Brick Wood Pizza Oven

While Pizzaioli has numerous wonderful wood fired ovens but this traditional brick one is perfect for preparing pizzas just lie they do in Italy. It boasts a traditional look which has been accentuated by terracotta bricks and a door that is iron-zinc plated. It is amazingly efficient as it produces 30 pizzas in an hour. It measures 39(W) x 39(D) x 25(H) although they vary since they are handmade. It is a fantastically built model whose bricks are insulted using rock wool.


  • It is fast and effective: 30 pizzas/hour.
  • It has an iron-zinc plated door and is made of terracotta bricks making it energy effect.
  • It is relatively easy to setup.

5. Cuore Ovens 1000 Gourmet 37.4″Wood-Fired Oven

Cuore Ovens 1000 Gourmet

Enquire from any respectable chef, wood fired pizza ovens add a fine touch of flavor, aroma, and texture like no oven can promise. Nonetheless, they exorbitant prices have made them out of the reach of many pizza enthusiasts but not anymore! Cuore 1000 pizza oven is an affordable, quality product from the Cuore Ovens Company. It is a wonderfully crafted appliance that brings class and quality to your home.

It boasts 7 refractory parts (prefabricated) complimented by a standard cover for the oven mouth and a blanket (thermal insulation). It is easy and quick to put together and offers exceptional performance for a considerably long period of time. It comes accompanied by user guidelines which you can apply to assemble it yourself or you can use professional help if need be.


  • Easy and fast to assemble; convenient for DIYs.
  • Large capacity owing to its significant internal 37.4-inch diameter.
  • Multi-purpose oven for all cooking art from pizza making.
  • Energy efficient.

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4. Portable “Maximus” Pizza Oven (red)

Portable Maximus Pizza Oven

A Portugal made product, Mobile Wood fired oven is on easily usable and quick to warm oven that is quite lightweight and as such portable. It is such a compact and convenient product that it can easily be fixed at the boot with no hassles for all outdoor gatherings and activities. It boasts an outer dimension of 27.5″x27.5″ and ensuing inner provisions of 23.5″x23.5″. Unlike a host of wood ovens, this one is not masonry crafted but is rather a product made off metal walls and with a touch of insulations in-between.

It comes with an interior stainless steel and exterior aluminum make, and in between the walls is a ceramic insulating blanket. It has a quick heating time of approximately half an hour although that slightly compromises on its capacity to retain heat compared to mortar and brick ovens.


  • It is an ideal solution for quick pizza making.
  • Durable because of aluminum and stainless steel material.
  • Quite portable as is facilitated by its lightweight.
  • Has a large interior capacity.

3. Professional Series ilFornino Wood Fired Oven

Professional Series ilFornino Wood Fired Oven

The Napolitano Oven boasting a modern look is the next item on the list. It is basically a double-walled stainless steel heavy gauged dome comprising 2 fiber refectory ceramic layers of insulation blanket; which in reality aids in faster heating of the oven and long heat retention. Its construct is made of stainless steel (high quality) and boasts a single flat surface for cooking. It is economical since it only requires 30 minutes to heat up and subsequently retains heat considerably.


  • Quite economical since it retains heat and subsequently heats up with just 30 minutes.
  • Durable.
  • Comes with a complimentary stand.

2. Aztec Allure DM-0039-IA-C Cast Iron Deeco Pizza Oven

Aztec Allure DM 0039 IA C

Deeco Aztec Allure 16″L x 18.5″W x 44″H Pizza Oven is a wonderful wood fired appliance that offers a wonderful outdoor experience particularly because of its easy access to the grill. Its barbeque grill is stainless steel and is boasts an underlying design that allows it to easily prepare 14” pizzas. Comprises long-lasting cast iron build fortified by fiberglass ling to retain heat. The oven comes with a detachable ash draw that eases cleaning and a decorative detachable rain lid that enhances its beauty.


  • Durable owing to its cast iron build.
  • Hinged screen door (spark guard).
  • Retains heat significantly because of its fiberglass lining.
  • Detachable rain lid.

1. Cabin-Style Cooking Chiminea

Cabin Style Cooking Chiminea

This 20″ x 25″ x 43″h wood-fired appliance comes equipped with a detachable and modifiable cooking grate and a steel build with a high-temperature capacity pane that allows all sort of cooking expeditions not just aligned to pizza. Its source of heat and cooking vessel are rain-shielded and come with a subsequent smoke stack. It has a long-lasting finish that is evenly high-temperature painted for a durable stunning appearance.


  • Durable because of the steel build.
  • High temperature overall painting that accentuates its eye-catching look.
  • Its rain-shielding feature covers its vessel and heat source.

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