Top 10 Nutrichef Vacuum Sealers 2020 Reviews

Saving Money The Vacuum Way. We all are looking for ways to save money today, whether by cutting costs or making our purchases last longer. One method of saving money that is not thought about enough is to use a vacuum sealer for your foods. Vacuum sealing is beneficial to your budget because it can prevent freezer burn to any foods in the freezer, it does not allow air or moisture in, which prevents the development of mold, adding longer life to the foods. Vacuum sealing also prevents foods from becoming stale. When you want your foods to taste as fresh as the day they were made, invest in a vacuum sealer.

10. Aicok 3 in 1 Vacuum Sealer

Aicok 3 in 1 Vacuum Sealer

The Aicok 3 in 1 food saver is a vacuum sealer that allows foods to last five times longer than no protection. This machine has a clean and compact design to fit into any kitchen. Aicok allows you to use any of the functions separately, or as a one-touch and do it all. Great for saving baked goods, meats, and liquids. This handy little machine can also work to vacuum seal smaller items of clothing.


  • Pulse vacuum function to take out only as much air as you want
  • Fits bags 12” and under
  • Bonus starter kit included

9. MYRIANN Automatic Food Sealer

MYRIANN Automatic Food Sealer

In a compact design, slim and trim, this food preservation machine can work for dry foods or moisture. This dandy little machine uses heat to seal the bags to prevent moisture from reaching the foods until you want it to. This will allow you to prepare your foods Sous Vide. The vacuum sealing ability also prevents freezer burn from ruining your foods. This product has been certified and tested.


  • Easy to clean by removing the top portion
  • So compact you can take it anywhere
  • One-touch operation
  • LED indicator lights
  • A starter kit is included
  • Easy mode selection

8. Aobosi 5 in 1 Vacuum Sealer

Aobosi 5 in 1 Vacuum Sealer

Using this vacuum sealer can make your foods last up to 8 times longer than using baggies or plastic wrap. This allows you to keep your family healthier and safer. You can use this mid-size sealer in five different modes, vacuum, gentle or normal, and moist or dry. By using this vacuum sealer, you are preserving the taste, moisture and also preventing loss of money with wasted foods. You can use the seal only function or the vacuum and seal function.


  • LED indication lights
  • Air suction hose allows for container sealing
  • Complete starter kit included
  • Built-in stop function
  • Easy to clean surface

7. Fnboc Vacuum Sealer

Fnboc Vacuum Sealer

Here is the ideal solution to keeping your foods fresh, lasting longer and saving you money. In a slim and compact design, Fnboc offers a vacuum sealer that will keep your foods fresh longer than baggies or other wrapping methods. This great little kitchen appliance can also be used to seal photographs, important papers or special little memorabilia that you do not want to lose. This is a vacuum sealer that is easy to operate, easy to clean, and takes up very little room.


  • Wet or dry modes
  • Indicator lights
  • A complete starter kit is included
  • One-touch operation for easy use

6. ABOX V69 Vacuum Sealer

ABOX V69 Vacuum Sealer

When you buy in bulk, this is the vacuum sealer to use to freeze your products. This will keep your foods fresh longer than simply wrapping in foil or placing the package in the freezer. Saves you money by preventing freezer burn and waste. This cute and compact machine can preserve meats, cheese, spices, and herbs or you can even marinate in the bags. When you vacuum seal foods for the freezer, they will last up to three years with no issues of freezer damage.


  • Comes with magnets and ten bags
  • Compact design
  • Multiple modes for use
  • Includes a small cutter to open bags when ready to cook

5. TOYUUGO Automatic Vacuum Sealer

TOYUUGO Automatic Vacuum Sealer

Toyuugo has upgraded their vacuum sealer to work better for you. It is a convenient machine that is compact in design and powerful in use. There is very little vibration or noise when in use. This Toyuugo is made with durable metal for long-lasting wear. You receive an impressive performance in a machine that fits any kitchen design. Besides preserving your foods, this dynamo will protect jewelry, photos, and other important papers.


  • Starter kit of one roll of bags
  • Handy little cutter to open bags when ready to cook
  • Comes with modes for moist foods or dry items
  • Automatic or manual mode usage

4. Koios Vacuum Sealing Machine

Koios Vacuum Sealing Machine

This is a great little workhorse to help save you money on your groceries. You can use this machine 40 continuous times with no issues. This is a long-lasting and durable sealer. Koios has made this in a very user-friendly design, which also includes an external vacuum sealing to preserve wine. This machine does work best with the Koios style of vacuum bags. It comes with a user manual that you should read before operating the first time.


  • External sealing ability
  • Ability to stop vacuum sealing when needed
  • Starter roll of bags
  • Matching cutter and external hose included

3. The NutriChef Vacuum Sealer

The NutriChef Vacuum Sealer

This NutriChef product is durable and sturdy, it can aid your food budget by keeping foods protected against freezer burn or mold. This is an ideal machine to use to preserve photos and documents, even jewelry. This is an easy to operate sealer that comes with wet or dry mode. The bags that are included in your starter kit are washable and reusable, which saves money. There is no better way to save time for yourself than with smart meal preparation. This allows you to prepare meals ahead of time and freeze for future use after sealing.


  • Full starter kit with external hose
  • Multiple starter bags in two sizes
  • Wine stopper cork

2. NutriChef Automatic Vacuum Sealer

NutriChef Automatic Vacuum Sealer

This is the ideal money-saving solution that will also save you time. This is easy to operate the machine that comes with two sealing modes. Wet or dry, either way, you can vacuum seal your foods for longer-lasting freshness. NutriChef also included LED light display for ease. The design will fit any kitchen counter and style. This great NutriChef vacuum sealer works great to marinate meats too. Of course, NutriChef has been lab-tested to ensure safety and ease of use.


  • Full starter kit with external hose and bags
  • Wine stopper cork
  • Stain-resistant and easy to clean
  • Problem-free operation
  • Reusable, washable bags

1. GERYON Vacuum Sealing Machine

GERYON Vacuum Sealing Machine

This sleek and beautiful design houses a powerful food vacuum sealing system. Works great in moist mode or dry mode. The buttons are soft-touch, and there are LED light indicators. Compact and lightweight, can fit bags up to 12 inches. This vacuum sealer gives you the option of canister sealing, seal then stop, or just seal. One of the best features of this GERYON Vacuum sealer is that you can seal a bag of chips, or package of rolls also.


  • LED lights
  • Full starter kit
  • External vacuum hose
  • Can use bags other than just GERYON style
  • User-friendly