Top 8 Best Metatarsal Work Boots 2020 Reviews

Are you looking to get yourself a good boot to protect your feet when working in industrial condition jobs such as construction and factories? While normal thick boots do look like they can protect you from unexpected accidents, they cannot withstand the strong impacts of heavy metals, sharp tools, or hazardous chemicals. To ensure your safety, metatarsal work boots would be your recommended option. To save you from all the hassle of having to search for the right one among all the hundreds of boots available right now, this article will bring you the reviews of 8 best metatarsal work boots along with a detailed but concise buying guide as followed.

Buying Guides of Metatarsal Work Boot

Metatarsal work boots provide absolute protection against heavy impact and dangerous elements in workplaces like construction, factories. Metatarsal work boots usually feature five long series of bones on the top of your foot that go to your ankle and your toes. This means that the boots will provide ultimate protection from above your foot as the strong bones will absorb all the impacts in an accident.

When you are looking to get a metatarsal working boot, whether the steel toe boots with metatarsal protection, you should keep in mind these TWO qualities:

Impact Protection: The most important function of good metatarsal work boots is that they offer the highest resistance against heavy impacts from both sides and from above. If something heavy hits you or land on your feet, you can rely on the guards to absorb the impact without hurting your foot. Most good quality models are taken through tests with forces of up to 15kN.

Heat & Chemical Protection: another important quality to look for is protection against heat and chemicals, especially if your work environment involves these two dangerous elements. A good work booth would feature premium leather or rubber with metatarsal guards to protect you against these hazards.

Now that you know the two essentials of getting a good quality metatarsal work boot, let’s dive into the reviews of the 8 best ones in the market right now.

8. Danner Men’s Vicious 4.5″ Construction Boot

Danner Men's Vicious 4.5

This durable construction boot features the premium Vibram sole with shaft measures approximately from ankle-high to arch. It features a steel toe and metatarsal guard that exceeds ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75 Mt EH certification. Its trail guard platform also offers you lightweight and athletic performance.

The boots uppers are made of durable leather with an abrasion-resistant heel cap and gore-tex waterproof lining so water or hazardous chemicals can’t leak through the lining. The Vibram vicious sole also allows for great oil-and-slip-resistant traction with a low-profile 90° heel. It is also breathable, so no need to worry about sweaty feet. This brown color metatarsal boot would be one of the ideal choices for you.


  • Steel Toe and metatarsal meets or exceeds ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75 Mt EH
  • Vibram sole: oil-slip resistant
  • Durable waterproof leather upper with an abrasion-resistant heel cap
  • Trail guard platform offers lightweight, athletic performance

7. Ariat Work Men’s Metguard Steel Toe Boot

Ariat Work Men's Metguard Steel Toe Boot

This boot has a longer neck length than our previous one, and it is 100% Leather with synthetic sole to ensure you would not sleep easily at work. This boot features Met Guard with ASTM F2413-11 Mt-75 rated for metatarsal protection. It will provide great protection from any external impacts or accidents.

While giving you the work safety you need, it also has a nice design with mesh-line and four-row stitch patterns for design and durability, and long-term use. It features a full-grain leather foot with suede upper for extra support. The boot also comes with extra comfort insoles that offer higher rebound and breathability.


  • 100% Leather, ASTM F2413-11 Mt 75 metatarsal protection rate
  • Synthetic sole, extra comfort
  • Full-grain leather foot with suede upper
  • The four-row stitch pattern, Mesh lining

6. Ariat Men’s Workhog Wide Square Metguard Composite Toe Work Boot

Ariat Men's Workhog Wide Square Metguard Composite Toe Work Boot

This is another metatarsal work boot from Ariat Men but with its Workhog-series boot with Met Guard protection. This boot has a similar longer neck length, but it is 100% Synthetic with a premium rubber sole to ensure your safety, comfort, and airflow. This boot features a Poron XRD internal metatarsal guard with an oil-slip resistant outsole.

The previous model also has nice leaves and mesh-line design with a four-row stitch pattern for that classic look and great side protection against elements. It features a shaft that measures approximately 11″ from the arch and a polyurethane-turn and Polyurethane-turn finish for that extra protection against impact and accidents at work.


  • 100% Synthetic, leaf-mesh design
  • Poron XRD internal metatarsal guard
  • Premium Rubber sole, comfortable to wear
  • The shaft measures approximately 11″ from arch

5. Georgia CC Steel Toe Work Boot-G8315

Georgia CC Steel Toe Work Boot-G8315

This boot has a classic and great-looking briar brown leather with a thick rubber sole. This boot features an internal ANSI/ASTM Class 75 metatarsal Steel Toe guard for great protection against impact, such as tools dropping on your foot. It has a hammer rubber outsole for perfect Oil & Slip Resistant. It also withstands chemicals, heat, and metal chips.

The boot front has an 8-inch Leather Lace Up with a double padded leather collar for that extra strength and support. It comes fully lined with breathable moisture-wicking material for your comfortable wear, so it keeps your feet dry and comfortable—no need to worry about smelly feet with removable Comfort Core Airflow orthotic insert. The boot is very flexible and comfortable to use.


  • Briar Brown Leather, Rubber sole
  • Internal ANSI/ASTM Class 75 metatarsal Steel Toe guard
  • Oil & Slip Resistant, withstand chemical, heat, metal chips
  • 8-inch Leather Lace Up, double padded leather collar
  • Breathable, Comfort Core Airflow insert

4. Timberland PRO Men’s Gravel Pit 10″ Steel-Toe Boot

 Timberland PRO Men's Gravel Pit 10

This classic black looking boot is 100% Leather with an elastic Rubber sole. With the brand name alone, you know this boot is a PRO level model with a waterproof membrane, steel toe, safety boots with metatarsal guards, and speed-lacing hardware to ensure you receive that high-level protection on your feet from any accident or dangerous chemicals.

The shaft measures approximately 10″ from the arch with a rear pull loop. The front is featured with black laces and extra zoned insulation 200g /400g for proper warmth and extra support. It comes with oil and an abrasion-resistant outsole. The boot has an incredibly well-stitched lining to ensure it will not be damaged easily, and it is also waterproof for outdoor use.


  • 100% Leather, elastic rubber sole
  • The shaft measures approximately 10″ from arch
  • Mid-high work boot featuring waterproof membrane, steel toe, and speed-lacing hardware
  • Rear pull-loop, Zoned insulation, well-stitched
  • Oil and abrasion-resistant outsole

3. Carhartt Men’s 11in Wellington Met Guard Industrial Boot

Carhartt Men's 11in Wellington Met Guard Industrial Boot

This industrial boot catches people’s attention with its classy beautiful look as it features premium 50% Leather and 50% Polyester Fabric materials. It has a thick rubber sole with shaft measures approximately Calf High” from arch with boot opening measures approximately 19″ around.

While the look is beautiful, it is very durable and protective. It has a composite safety toe of ASTM F2413-18 standard to stand against impact and compression hazards. This also features Poron XRD soft comfort, internal metatarsal guard to absorb and withstand impact right on top of the foot. It is comfortable to wear with a comforting sole and breathable lining.


  • 50% Leather/50% Polyester Fabric
  • Rubber sole, composite safety toe.
  • Shaft: Calf High” from the arch, Boot opening: 19″ around
  • Composite safety toe, ASTM F2413-18 standards
  • Poron XRD soft comfort internal metatarsal Guard

2. KEEN Utility Women’s Detroit XT Metatarsal Guard Work Shoe

KEEN Utility Women's Detroit XT Metatarsal Guard Work Shoe

This one might look like your regular boot, but it provides industrial-grade protection. It comprises 100% Leather and Textile. This steel low toe metatarsal guard work shoe exceeds the certification standard of ASTM F2412 & FThe steel toe design provides a roomier room for maximum comfort and unobtrusive fit.

This boot has a shorter shaft than other models as it measures approximately Ankle from the arch with a boot opening of 5″ around. It features standardized non-slip rubber outsoles that are oil-resistant, non-marking, and can protect you against metal and other hazardous tools. The boot has a trendy and cool design but provides you with industrial support!


  • 100% Leather and Textile
  • Modern design but industrial-grade protection
  • Shaft: Ankle from the arch, Boot opening: 5″ around
  • Steel toe design, roomier for maximum comfort and unobtrusive fit
  • Oil- and slip-resistant, non-marking, rubber outsoles

1. Timberland PRO Men’s Internal Met Guard Work Boot

Timberland PRO Men's Internal Met Guard Work Boot

This is another model with a shorter shaft and a trendier all-black look but with high protection level. It features 100% Leather, a durable rubber sole, and a platform that measures approximately 0. It comes with a leather upper with EverGuard toe bumper and heel counter protection.

This Metatarsal guard ensures you with impact protection. It has both toe, heel, and top-foot protective mechanisms with full Kevlar welt stitching to ensure durability and prevention from dangerous chemicals. The boot rubber outsole is slip, heat, oil, and abrasion-resistant. Its Abrasion-resistant TiTAN steel toe is famously known for its high protection level. You can enjoy a trendy look at work yet still ensure your feet are well protected from any accident.


  • Trendy black design, 100% Leather
  • Rubber sole, platform measures: 0.75.”
  • Leather upper featuring EverGuard toe bumper and heel counter protection
  • Metatarsal guard for impact protection
  • Full Kevlar welt stitching
  • Slip, heat, oil, and abrasion-resistant rubber outsole
  • Abrasion-resistant TiTAN steel toe


So that was the reviews of the 8 metatarsal work boots and their features to enhance your safety and protect your feet from risk and accidents. Now that you know the qualities of a good work boot, we believe you are ready to go and browse for the right one. Remember to consider the quality of the metatarsal, the protection it provides to you, and of course, they should also be easy to wear. Happy shopping!