Best Long Range Digital TV Antennas 2020 Reviews

If you like to watch TV, then having a good digital TV antenna is a must. Ordinary people spend four hours watching TV for entertainment and leisure time with their loved ones. To ensure you have the best small-screen experience, a long-range digital TV antenna would be your perfect friend. It is the tool to ensure you’re receiving a high-quality signal.

To save you from all the hassle of having to search and find the right one among all these products available now, this article has compiled all the reviews and highlights of the best 8 long-range digital TV antennas available for your consideration. To make it even easier for you, we have come up with a buying guide for you to go through. Whether you are looking for the best outdoor tv antenna for digital signal, keep in mind these THREE important factors of a good TV antenna.

Buying Guides of Long Range Digital Tv Antenna

Range: having a long-range TV antenna can help you get the best signal. Long-range antennas are suitable for picking up signals from a long distance, which is especially even more ideal if you live in a rural or remote area.

Multi-Directional or Directional: you must check if you need a multidirectional or directional. Multi-directional means that the antenna will detect and receive coverage from all directions even if you put it indoors, so it is perfect to live in a rural area. On the other hand, if you live near the broadcasting station, a one-direction antenna would be ideal.

Weather Resistant & Durable: Make sure the antenna is made of high-quality material that will not easily break and withstand rough weather such as rain and snow if you plan to install it outdoors.

Now that you know the three essentials of a good long-range digital tv antenna, let’s dive into the reviews of the 8 best ones in the market.

8. Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 TV Antenna

Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 TV Antenna

This antenna features the best-rated material, making it one of the more popular models in the 70-Mile category. With this antenna, you can receive a clear signal of free television networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox) and more in a FullHD 1080 without distraction.

It comes with multi-directional elements to deliver range and reception perfectly, especially in remote areas. They come with a clear stream 4 antennae, and 20” mount, and easy installation instructions. It also features all-weather mounting hardware to ensure it lasts through rough conditions. It has a lifetime warranty on parts.


  • Long-range 70 miles, a clear signal
  • Multi-directional elements
  • All-weather mounting hardware
  • Lifetime warranty on parts

7. HDTV Antenna – 1byone 360° Omni-Directional

HDTV Antenna - 1byone 360° Omni-Directional

This special high antenna features the powerful 360° Omni-directional reception that receives signals from all directions, with no need to rotate. This antenna enables you to receive signals from 150 miles away and watch local broadcast channels with high definition for free.

This antenna model allows you to watch full HD channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and even more local channels. It is weather-resistant and durable. You can always get better signals in any condition, and its anti-UV coating and waterproof/snowproof design allow for long-lasting use. It fits home, RV, attic, and even marine use. It comes with a 90-Day Full refund and 24-month customer service.


  • Powerful 360° Omni-directional reception
  • 150 miles range
  • Weather-resistant and durable
  • 90-day full refund and 24 months customer service

6. Five Star Outdoor Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna

Five Star Outdoor Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna

This is the new 2020 version of the digital amplified HDTV antenna that reaches up to a 200-mile range to provide you with high-resolution HDTV of the free channel, local news, sports programs, and weather. This antenna supports 5 TVs in your family at a time with an easy installation kit and 360-degree rotation.

For your easy use, it has a built-in Auto Gain Control Chip with a gain booster of 15-35db. The antenna is also durable with premium quality copper cable for more stable signal transmission and uninterrupted display. With an LTE filter, it removes the interference from phone signals and ensures high quality. It has durable reflectors designed to prevent wind damage.


  • The 200-mile range for super HD reception
  • Easy installation kit and 360-degree rotation
  • The built-in auto gain control chip
  • LTE filter, durable reflectors

5. ViewTV UPGRADED Amplified Digital HDTV Antenna

ViewTV UPGRADED Amplified Digital HDTV Antenna

This is ViewTV UPGRADED Outdoor Amplified Digital HDTV Antenna. This updated version from VietTV features a 150 Miles Range and comes with a wireless remote controller. This multi-directional antenna has a dual TV option that supports 2 televisions at the same time. It will bring your extra clear HD definition to your TV with both the free and local channels.

It is made from durable plastic and anodized aluminum for improved weather resistance performance. This works great in intense situations, either under the hot sun, stormy rain, or snow. The item also comes with a bonus mini indoor antenna, power supply adapter, and 40 ft coax cable. Enjoy this long-lasting antenna with a 60 days money back and 1 Year Guarantee.


  • 150 miles range, clear HD
  • 2 Dual TV option
  • Durable plastic and aluminum material
  • Water and heat resistance
  • 60 days money back, 1-year guarantee

4. GE Pro Outdoor TV Antenna

 GE Pro Outdoor TV Antenna

This outdoor TV antenna brings you Full HD on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, Fox, and much more crystal clear quality image and sound. It has a superior reception for both VHF and UHF signals, receiving an uncompressed 1080p signal. It can reach up to 70 miles, great to receive even more local channels.

You can easily install this in your attic, so it stays out of sight, or you can put it outdoors while maintaining superior signal strength with premium aluminum material. The setup is super simple as it comes with a mounting bracket, mast, and assembly instructions are provided for easy installation. A limited lifetime warranty backs this product.


  • Full HD and sound quality, 70 miles range
  • Superior 1080p signal reception
  • Easy installation with a simple set
  • Strong and sturdy structure
  • Lifetime warranty

3. Five Star HDTV Outdoor Antenna

Five Star HDTV Outdoor Antenna

This outdoor signal receptor is a compelling product with 100% receive a signal from all directions, no need to rotate, no need the remote. It has a built-in dipole for excellent UHF and VHF band signal reception. They can receive signals from all famous channels and even locals within 150 miles in your area.

It also comes with a built-in 4G LTE Filter to protect your TV signal against interference and blocks by unwanted 3G and 4G wireless signals for stable performance and a smooth and crystal clear 4K HDTV experience. The antenna’s structure is equipped with anti-UV coating, waterproof/snowproof design to minimize outside interference. This model also has a lightweight design for easy 3 minutes set up.


  • The 360-degree signal receptor with 150 miles range
  • Built-in dipole for excellent UHF and VHF signal
  • 4G LTE Filter protection against unwanted interference
  • Anti-UV coating, waterproof/snowproof design
  • Lightweight, easy 3 minutes set up.

2. BEFORE Digital Outdoor TV Antenna

BEFORE Digital Outdoor TV Antenna

This model comes with 150 miles long-range with dual TV outputs so that you can use it for two TVs. It also has a built-in Smart IC Chip for picking up perfect signals, the new Crystal Clear Filter Technology to prevent cellular and FM signal interruption. It picks up all famous national channels and local ones around your area as well.

They come with a 360-degree rotor with a smart remote control so you can move it around with a Super Low Noise Amplifier. You can easily set this up on your roof or artic with an easy-to-follow user manual so you can install the antenna with ease. It comes with a wireless remote, power supply adapter, and 33ft coax cable. Enjoy the 45 Days Money Back Guarantee with One Year Customer Support.


  • 150 miles range with dual TV outputs
  • Crystal Clear Filter
  • 360-degree rotor with remote
  • Easy installation set
  • 45 Days Money Back, 12 months support

1. TS-ant HDTV Indoor Digital Antenna

TS-ant HDTV Indoor Digital Antenna

This powerful antenna allows you to enjoy a 180 Miles Range coverage to receive FREE HD network programs and local channels with transmission from 720p up to a higher 4K HD quality. It features Smart Booster technology to optimize the best signal transmission and protect against interference with other signals.

It has a Switchable amplifier that you can adjust to fit different channels you want to receive. For your convenience, it has a simple design that you can put where you want or hang in your house. The model comes with a 17ft long extra high-performance coax cable to ensure amplification can be placed almost anywhere in your home. It comes with 90 days Refund and a Lifetime Warranty.


  • 180 Miles Range coverage to receive up to 4k HD quality
  • Smart Booster technology for best and filter signal
  • Switchable amplifier for different range
  • Simple design, easy placement in home
  • Long 17ft cable, durable cover
  • 90 days refund, lifetime warranty
  • The best Indoor antenna for digital tv reception


So that was the reviews of the Top 8 long range digital tv antenna and their features to enhance your TV experience. Now that you know the important features to look for in a good antenna, we believe you are fully equipped to go and browse for the best one for you and your family. Remember to consider the range, direction type, and durability. Enjoy browsing and happy shopping!