Top 10 Leg Stretchers 2020 Reviews

Just in time for the new year and those new resolutions we have the 2020 reviews for the stretcher that is best for you. Whether you are already is top form and wanting to stay that way or trying to ease your way into a stronger more flexible body we have got you covered. Below we have evaluated the top Leg Stretchers on the market now and have narrowed the list down the best to the top ten Leg Stretchers. We are confident that you will find the best fit for your lifestyle and level of fitness. We will count it down from tenth to first.

10. ART PARK Upgrade Stretcher

ART PARK Upgrade Stretcher

This type of stretcher is metal which gives it a prolonged lifespan. It has adjustment hole to give you a variety of workout positions and improve flexibility and range of motion that can be used as easily by children three feet tall as by adults of all sizes. It has a comfortable no-slip design on the handle and the padding for the ankles that leave no marks on the skin. It is important to remember to maintain a correct posture when using equipment of this type. There are also videos for this piece of equipment to get you started on getting the flexibility that you are after. This stretcher stores compactly making it very easy to get out and put back up which studies show is an important factor to sticking with any workout routine.

9. Century Stretching Portable Stretching Machine

Century Stretching Portable Stretching Machine

This is a stretcher that is lightweight and easy to store. It has a cushioned seat with leg straps to achieve maximum results in the shortest amount of time. It is ideal for dancers, martial artists and anyone wanting to achieve and maintain optimal flexibility. This product can make stretching very easy and that can be the deciding factor as to how long you will stick with your objective. There are so many reasons to not do your workout. People get bored or frustrated hauling out bulky equipment working out and then having to put that bulky equipment that it can become an excuse not to work out. You will not have set-up and tear-down issues to blame here. You will have to think of a different excuse.

8. Weanas Pro Stretching Machine

Weanas Pro Stretching Machine

This stretching machine has a flywheel assembly to ensure the ability to gradually increase the position preventing injury while stretching out the leg muscles. The padded seat and back support on this machine makes it a very comfortable piece of equipment to use. Made with solid steel this unit will stand the test of time easily. It will target the following muscles:

  • Gracilis muscle
  • Adductor Magnus
  • Adductor longus
  • Phalangeal muscle
  • Semitendinosus
  • Adductor brevis

It is very heavy duty coming in at 80lbs, you will want to find a place that you can leave this setup. This also may aid in sticking to your fitness routine as all you will have to do is sit down and use it.

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7. Valor Fitness CA Stretch Machines

Valor Fitness CA Stretch Machines

This is a stretching machine that has an adjustable wheel and the gear system can extend to 180+ degrees. It is heavy-duty, adjustable, easy to use and the user controls the amount of stretch at any given moment. This helps to avoid injury by stretching too much too soon. A gear-driven crank makes it very easy to widen the stretch while making the stretch gradual. This is a machine that you are going to want to keep out for consistent use as it is not lightweight. It was built to stand the test of time.

6. Popsport Pro Stretcher

Popsport Pro Stretcher

Made with a heavy-duty steel frame, this machine is constructed to last. It has a steering wheel and gear assembly to ensure a gradual stretch. Smooth rollers allow for smooth action to the position of choice. Once in that position, you can sit up or lean forward maximizing the stretch. You can work that position until your muscles have become adjusted to that position. At that point, you can move the position again. As with any exercise program warming up before diving into your routine is an absolute must.

5. DOMINTY 3 Bar Stretchers

DOMINTY 3 Bar Stretchers

This is a heavy-duty, portable, split extension device that is excellent for yoga or martial art workouts. There are 6 adjustment holes for stretching capabilities of most people. It is made of stainless steel for maximum durability and comes with foam rubber grips for comfort. It measures 21.8 inches at its shortest length and maxes out at 40.27 inches. It can be used by anyone over three feet tall. It comes with a strap that assists in the maximizing of the stretch of both the inner and outer thigh.

4. Si-Stretcher


This is a stretching and flexibility aid for all types of stretching. From dancers to martial artists to physical therapy these stretching bands/straps provide a safe, comfortable workout anywhere you are. Thay is easily transported because they fold up to fit in your purse or pocket of a gym bag. This is not an elastic band system, but it does have over 100 stretch positions that you can utilize. In the interest of safety, an emergency release mechanism has been incorporated to release you from any stretch instantly in the event of overexertion, or muscle spasm. Just press the release and you will exit the stretch safely. Remember to warm up before exercising.

3. FIGROL Stretchers

FIGROL Stretchers

This is made of stainless steel with padded foam grips. The poles have holes for easy adjustment of your stretch. It is easy to use, and improves flexibility and balance. Children three + feet tall can use this device. This stretcher has been designed to achieve and maintain flexibility, balance, and range of motion. It is important to remember to warm up before doing any kind of exercise to prevent muscle injury.

2. emdaot Stretcher

emdaot Stretcher

This is a three bar split stretching device to gain flexibility for dance, yoga, martial arts. It is made of stainless steel with non-slip grips. Longest length is 42 inches, the shortest length is 23 inches. It is adjustable and children over three feet can use this for leg stretching. It has been designed to improve range of motion, balance and flexibility in a natural position. It weighs 2 pounds making it ideal for those individuals that have limited space or are traveling. Keep in mind that you need to warm up before beginning any exercise routine.

1. FIGROL Stretcher

FIGROL Stretcher

This device of scientific design is made of tubular steel material making it stronger while keeping it light weight at 2.2 pounds. It is ideal for ballet, yoga, mixed martial arts, and gymnastics. It is important that we maintain our flexibility as we age. This is true whether we are three or a hundred and three. Most athletic injuries arise out of flexibility neglect. This device will help develop and maintain the flexibility and the balance that becomes crucial as we age. This is easy to use and easy to pack. Suitable for anyone wanting to keep in shape and acquire or maintain more flexibility.