Top 10 Inflatable Slides 2020 Reviews

If you have kids, you probably know that they love nothing more than playing outside. But if they don’t have anything to do outside, they will end up rolling around in the dirt and grass and will end up a mess that you have to clean up. So in 2020, get them something that will entertain them from sunrise to sunset. Get your kids one of these outdoor inflatable slides. Inflatable slides are very durable and will become one of your child’s favorite things to play on. Plus, if you get an inflatable slide, you don’t have to take them to the park as often because the park will be in your backyard.

10. JOYMOR Bounce House

JOYMOR Bounce House

A big bonus when buying a slide, a lot of them come with bounce houses attached. This is two entertaining things for your kid, in one nice package. This bounce house is safe for kids, a great gift idea for anyone you know who has kids, can easily be put up and taken down, and it will get everyone outside more often. Your children will say goodbye to the TV and their games when you put up this bounce house in your backyard.

9. WELLFUNTIME Inflatable Bounce House

WELLFUNTIME Inflatable Bounce House

This bounce house and slide set is durable, meaning even the roughest of players will be able to enjoy this house without it breaking or popping. There are multiple different sports that your child can play in and around this bounce house like basketball or soccer. There is also a place for a ball pit, and the slide where kids can exit the bounce house in the best way possible. This house is able to inflate and deflate in about 2 minutes, and it comes with the balls for the ball pit, dart balls for the dart board, repair patches, and even more.

8. Little Tikes Giant Slide Bouncer

Little Tikes Giant Slide Bouncer

This slide is great for the little adventurer you have in your house. This slide measures up to over 9 feet tall, can be bounced in, has a rock climbing wall. and the giant slide. This bouncer will keep your child entertained for hours. They can run, play, jump, slide, and climb until it’s time to come inside for the night. And you can rest assured, after bouncing, sliding, and climbing on a 9 foot tall rock wall all day, they will be ready for bed after dinner.

7. Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race

This bouncer is great for outdoor playtime in the summer. It’s a water slide, bouncer, and rock climbing wall all put into one. You can sit in the kiddie pool and watch you child climb up the wall and slide their way back down to you, making a big splash as they reach the water at the bottom of the slide. If you live somewhere that tends to get very warm, this is a great slide to choose for your little ones.

6. Little Tikes Shady Jump n Slide Bouncer

Little Tikes Shady Jump n Slide Bouncer

This is the classic bouncer and slide combo. When you think about getting a bounce house or a slide for your child, this is most likely the slide and bouncer that come to mind. You can never go wrong with a classic, especially when it has 7 feet worth of bounce and play area and comes with a mesh netting so your child can’t fall out and get hurt. It’s also puncture resistant, so your child will have a hard time poking holes in the bounce house.

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5. Intex Dinoland Inflatable Play Center

Intex Dinoland Inflatable Play Center

If the rock climbing wall is a little much for your little one, try out this dinoland play center. It still has all of the fun of being a slide, but it comes with fun dinos for your child to play with and it slashes you with water as you run and slide through it. This slide can hold up to 74 gallons of water, so your child can have fun for hours without needing a refill.

4. Intex Water Slide

Intex Water Slide

This slide is great for older kids, usually around 6 years old and up. If you have a pool in your backyard, add a little more life to the party and inflate this slide next to it. Your kids will be sliding and splashing all day. No need for electronic devices when you have a slide that is 3’10” in height. If you don’t have a pool, you can also attached a garden hose to it and have the water run down the slide so that they still get to enjoy the summer fun.

3. ACTION AIR Bounce House

ACTION AIR Bounce House

This bounce house is perfect for the little princess or prince in your family Bounce houses are very cliche, get your child a bounce castle. It has mesh netting to catch your child when they fall, it’s a great gift for the child in your life that needs a little more excitement in their backyard, and it has thick walls so that they are harder to break through. It also has a quick installation and take down, so you don’t have to spend hours trying to deflate and inflate this castle for your child.

2. PicassoTiles Inflatable Bouncer

PicassoTiles Inflatable Bouncer

This bouncer is another one that includes every sport your child could possibly want to play. There is soccer, basketball, baseball, and even football. Whatever sport your little one is interested in, they can play inside of this bounce house, while bouncing out all of their energy. It is very fast and easy to set up, you will barely even need the instructions to set up this bounce house, and its so fast that your child can start playing almost immediately after bringing it home and taking it out of the box. This house is great for any child that is leaning to walk, run, bounce, or play sports. Not to mention it is very safe, much safer than having your child learn these sports in the yard or at a concrete Play space at the park.

1. Little Tikes Inflatable Jump ‘n Slide Bounce House

Little Tikes Inflatable Jump 'n Slide Bounce House

And finally, you can’t go wrong with a classic bounce house with a slide attached. This Little Tikes inflatable will be the highlight for your child’s day. It is puncture resistant so that the little ones can play as rough as they want and you won’t have to worry about it deflating or getting filled up with holes that need to be patched up. This kit comes with 4 repair patches, if your child or something does manage to put a hole in it, it comes with the heavy duty blower, and all of the stakes that you need to keep the bounce house standing up right and staying secure in the ground so you know that your child is safe. It is covered in a safety netting so your child will not fall out while they are bouncing, so you don’t have to worry if you turn your back for a few minutes to make them lunch. The measurements of this house when inflated is: 106.2 inch x 137.7 inch x 65.7 inch