Top 10 HD Mirror Cams Reviews 2020 Reviews

In the past, many people got away with hit and runs or crashing into another vehicle and blaming the other driver knowing all along that they were the culprit. Thanks to new technology, we no longer have to worry about security while driving. Specifically designed to catch hit and run drivers in the act, these dash cams are extremely easy to install as they connect to your rearview mirror or attach to your dashboard. Of course, these cameras come with many different features and specs and there are plenty of them on the market today. To find the best, I viewed hundreds of HD mirror cam reviews and finally narrowed my choices down to the following ten. Therefore, if you are smart and in the market for a new Dashcam, You might want to check out the following first.

10. WordCam 1080P Front & 1080P Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

WordCam 1080P Front & 1080P Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

Enjoy a 10″ streaming media touch screen that has a 170° wide view field, with this 1080P front rear view mirror dash camera. Not only will you be able to see more traffic around you, but this camera also helps to eliminate the blind spots and allows you to view more details such as license plates and more. Moreover, this camera will continuously record videos in the front and in the rear at the highest quality all day and night.


  • IP8 waterproof backup
  • Ultra-wide field of vision
  • Touchscreen
  • With screensaver on works as a regular rearview mirror
  • Super night vision
  • Parking monitor to help park safely
  • G-sensor with automatic video lock
  • Loop recording
  • 32G memory card but supports up to 64G
  • Starts up automatically when you start your car
  • Simultaneous recording in Full HD

9. Duteri 1080P Front Camera and 1920P Rear Camera HD Dashcam

Duteri 1080P Front Camera and 1920P Rear Camera HD Dashcam

The Duteri Mirror HD 1920P Dash Cam has it all including 1280P streaming media, Ultra-Wide angle, dual-lens, touch screen, front and rear HD mirror, superior night vision, and more. The rearview mirror camera provides super-sharp HD 1920P resolutions allowing you to view details like license plates, and the IPS touch screen is designed with full HD sharp colors that synchronize with the rearview mirror when you start your car for a clear, high-resolution sharp video display in the day or night. The monitor can be used as a normal front and rearview mirror when the display is off.


  • A friendly user interface
  • OEM looking and ultra-wide angle, dual-lens that eliminates blind spots
  • Both front and rear offer 1080P, 170° wide-angle view with super-sharp HD 1920P resolution
  • Superior night vision, even in dim lights
  • Display guidelines for safe parking
  • Touchscreen
  • Loop Recording & G-sensor for continuous recording
  • Supports maximum 32G memory card

8. Lenovo Mirror Dash cam

Lenovo Mirror Dash cam

The Lenovo 1080P HD Mirror Dash Cam comes complete with quality front and rear high-resolution cameras and a 9.66″ wide-screen mirror that allows you to see the road more clearly along with matte night vision that displays even dim light conditions in ultra-high definition. The front and rear cameras can record simultaneously while reversing guides help you park safely and continuous loop recording means you won’t lose any important footage.


  • Front and rear wide-angle car video
  • User-friendly design for simple operation
  • Backup camera mirror for comprehensive driving monitoring
  • 1080P HD 9.66″ wide-screen mirror
  • Matte night vision
  • Simultaneous recording for constant security

7. COOAU Dual Night Vision Dash Cam

COOAU Dual Night Vision Dash Cam

The COOAU 1080P Full High Definition Dual Super Night Vision Dash Cam, can help keep your driving secure. Manufactured with a SONY IMX323 sensor and a high-speed processing chip for full 1080P HD video. This DVR will provide you with clear crisp footage anytime, day or night with the HDR technology, 6 glass lenses, auto ISO, and an F1.8 large aperture. One-click allows you to access any option on the 7” IPS touch screen with a wide view in front and back that can operate as a daily rear-view mirror. It also offers a dual 170° wide-angle lens to be able to see more around you including blind spots. Reverse assistance helps you see what’s behind you while parking or driving backward.


  • Waterproof rear camera for rainy day operations
  • Automatically switches to reverse when connected to the red line
  • G-sensor chip lock that prevents videos from being censored
  • Motion detection that automatically records movement around your car
  • Easy to install
  • Automatically starts with your engine

6. Toguard 1080P Front and Rear Mirror Dash Cam

Toguard 1080P Front and Rear Mirror Dash Cam

You will have the Togard 1080P Front and Rear Mirror Dash Cam installed in no time. Just attach it to your mirror and you’re ready to go. It has a 5” LCD responsive touch screen in full 1080P HD with 170° wider field of view that provides crisp clear image quality. It can also work as a rearview mirror, but with less glare. The dual dash cam also offers simultaneous one-click switch video recording to capture footage in the front or rear and continuous security with the parking monitor that helps prevent hit and runs by capturing footage around the clock. In addition, make the right connections and when you put your car in reverse the backup camera for safe parking will be initialized and the loop recording and G-sensor mean videos will be overwritten during a collision when storage is full and videos cannot be altered or erased.


  • 1080P front and back mirror camera with a 170° wider field of view
  • Very simple install
  • 5” LCD responsive touch screen
  • Simultaneous video recording with one click
  • Loop recording and G-sensor
  • Reverse assistance

5. DuDuBell Mirror Dash Cam

DuDuBell Mirror Dash Cam

The DuDuBell Mirror Dash Cam with a 7” streaming media touch screen, will help you see all around you with a real-time clear view of traffic. Both front and rear cams provide wide-angle views and Starlight Night Vision with six layers of glass to effectively balance light and dark areas of enhanced video recording even in low-lit areas. Reverse assistance provides safe parking and backward driving and the GPS feature records both driving speed and location.


  • Easy installation
  • Thoughtful user interface with friendly operations
  • Touchscreen and brightness adjusting
  • G-sensor
  • Loop recording
  • Reverse assistance
  • Wide-angle views both front and rear

4. Car DVR, Rear View Mirror Video Recorder

Car DVR, Rear View Mirror Video Recorder

This DVR has a 4.3” screen and a user-friendly interface for intuitive operation and quick recognition. It has a longer recording time than most products of its kind and supports up to 128GB of micro SD memory cards. Equipped with g-sensor technology for file locking and 720P front and rear cameras with simultaneous and loop recording functions that won’t miss a second of recording time. The front camera contains a wide-angle view that captures a very clear video.


  • 4.3″ screen
  • Front & rear dual-lens
  • 720P front and rear camera mode
  • Front camera: 170°wide-angle and 1080P front camera mode video resolution
  • Rear camera: 120° wide-angle VGA
  • Anti-glare large blue mirror
  • HDR, G-sensor, cycle recording, Motion detection, Parking Monitor, Night vision
  • Supports micro SD memory card up to 128GB

3. DuDuBell Mirror Dash Cam

DuDuBell Mirror Dash Cam

Capture everything in detail with the DuDuBell Mirror Dash Cam. Designed with touch screen, enhanced IP68 waterproof night vision that captures clear details at night, and reverse assistant with six layers of glass to avoid overexposure while recording and ensures you park safely. Dual-channel recording with a wide-angle view; front and the rear camera, provides a picture in picture view. It also has a 170° wide-angle front lens and a 120° rear lens with G-sensor, parking monitor, motion detection, HDR, and loop recording


  • Easy Installation
  • 120° rear lens
  • 170° wide-angle front lens
  • G-sensor
  • Parking monitor
  • Motion detection
  • HDR
  • Loop recording

2. Togard Backup Camera 4.3”

Togard Backup Camera 4.3”

The Toguard Backup Camera will ensure you are covered while driving. Get great footage with both a 1080P front camera and a 480P rear HD recording. It also offers G-Sensor and loop recording and it’s split into 3 segments. Loop recording will overwrite old footage with new and the G-Sensor auto-detects a collision and will lock up the footage so it can’t be manipulated. You will enjoy the enhanced night vision that allows you to see through the lens clearly at night and the reverse assistant gives you the ability to see behind you right through the screen. When the “R” gear is engaged, the backup camera automatically displays the reverse image.


  • Four mirror display screen modes
  • One-touch switch
  • Parking monitor
  • G-Sensor
  • Supports up to 32G max Micro SD memory card
  • 1080P, 170° front camera
  • 480P, 120° rear camera
  • Enhanced night vision
  • Reverse assistant

1. Toguard 7” IPS Touch Screen Back up Camera

Toguard 7” IPS Touch Screen Back up Camera

The Toguard Backup 7″ IPS Touch Screen Dash Camera, offers a wide visual angle for a clearer view and FHD simultaneous recording in 1080P front and 480P rear so you always get the best footage whether it’s day or night. This waterproof Dash camera was designed with a reverse safe parking monitor and G-sensor for your safety and security and when turned off, you can use it as a regular rearview mirror.

The one-key switching feature is a convenient way to switch between the five view modes and front or rear view full-screen display and picture to picture mode.


  • Very simple set up
  • Front and rear camera
  • Motion detection
  • Loop recording
  • G-Sensor auto-lock
  • Parking monitor guideline for safe parking
  • One key switching
  • Five view modes
  • Picture in picture mode
  • Full-screen display
  • 7” sensitive IPS touchscreen
  • 2.5D advanced Anti-glare glass mirror