Top 8 Best Hair Curling Rods 2020 Reviews

Are you looking to style your hair into a curvy curling style but don’t want to apply heat on your hair? Then we’ve got your covered! Even though some good curling tools are out there, including the best curling tongs for short hair, some people prefer not to apply heat on their hair and rather use a heatless tool to prevent potential hair damage. Then, hair curling rods would be your best option.

Hair curling rods are flexible tools for you to wrap your hair around and keep it in place in a curled position for a period of time to obtain that natural heatless curvy look. Hair curling rods come in different varieties of brands, lengths, designs, but to save you time, this article has compiled all the reviews and highlights of the best 8 ones available right now for your consideration.

Before we dive right into the product reviews, here are the TWO important factors to consider when trying to get a good hair curling rod.

Buying Guides of Hair Curling Rod

Foam Material: if you are looking for a good curling hair rod, look for flexible and lightweight foam rods because they are easy to twist, bend, and reshape for a great curly effect. It should be safe and non-toxic and reusable for daily or weekly use.

Easy to Use: a good curling rod should be easy to bend, twist, and roll your hair. They should be comfortable to use even when you go to sleep and easy and quick to remove in the morning for that curly hair. It should work for both wet or dry hair. They should be easy to clean.

Now that you know the three essentials of getting a good hair curling rod let’s dive into the reviews of the 8 best ones in the market right now.

8. Blulu Hair Curler Rods (48 pack)

Blulu Hair Curler Rods (48 pack)

This hair curl set comes with 24 pieces of colorful pillow hair rollers and 24 pieces of flexible curling rods, so it is ideal to have thick and long hair. These soft hair rollers are made from flexible lightweight foam so you can easily roll your hair and twist, bend and reshape them to achieve the curly shape.

For your hair safety, It has non-toxic material, and you don’t need to apply heat for the curls to work. It is also suitable for all hair types, either wet or dry. What is convenient about this is that you can roll hair right before bed and remove it the next day with ease. The comfort foam will not hurt your scalp. It comes in various sizes so that you can pick for each hair section.


  • 24 hair rollers and 24 curling rods
  • Flexible lightweight foam
  • Non-toxic material
  • Convenient to use, suitable all hair types

7. Conair Bouncy Curls Foam Rollers (48 Pack)

Conair Bouncy Curls Foam Rollers (48 Pack)

This set comprises 48 soft foam rollers that can deliver big curls overnight. Their soft textures are easy on hair and comfortable to sleep in, so you can use it before bed. The rollers will not damage your hair or leave it tangled up. Conair has been providing great quality hair products since 1959, so these can be trusted.

These curl rollers come in different sizes so that you can use them for your entire hair and different curly looks and thickness. It is easy to put on and remove, so it will not take you a long time to put them on your whole head. It comes in different colors to allocate which color for more curl, which is for less curl. You can also clean this foam easily with normal or warm water but with no rough washing.


  • 48 soft foam rollers set
  • Soft texture and comfortable to sleep
  • Reputable brand name
  • 4 different colors/size, easy to clean

6. Diane Twist Flex Rods (42 Pack)

Diane Twist Flex Rods (42 Pack)

This 42 pack set of roller rods feature 7 inches twist flex rods that come in various sizes from ⅞-inch to ⅜ inch, so it is perfectly fit if you want to curl longer hair and shorter hair. These flex rods will allow you to achieve bouncy, damage-free curls with no heat or tangled up hair. Its extra soft foam will not damage or break your hair.

It is made of high quality and non-toxic foams. You can wrap your hair around them and curve these rollers to any preferred shape. These flexible and lightweight rods are comfortable even after you put them on so you can cook, watch TV, or even sleep. It also comes with an easy, on-the-go clear zip carrying case for traveling and preventing loss.


  • 7 inches twist flex rods, various sizes
  • Bouncy, damage-free curls
  • High quality and non-toxic foams
  • Flexible and lightweight, easy-carry bag

5. Tifara Beauty 7″ Flexible Curling Rods (42-pack)

Tifara Beauty 7

This pack comes with 42 pieces of 7” long curling rods making it ideal for thicker and longer hairs. It is made of premium lightweight foam, so it works with all hair types, either dry or wet, and it will not damage your hair after curling. This flexible rod is also easy for you to use and remove, so it will not take much time.

The set comes with 6 of each rod size from 7/8″ to 3/8″. These rods can be easily used at home when you are watching TV or sleeping, and it will not be damaged even if you sleep or lay down on it. The foams are made to go back to their shape after twisting, bending, or curling it with your hair. They are also easy to clean to maintain hygiene for long term use and prevent smell.


  • 42 pieces of 7” long curling rods, ideal for thick long hair
  • Premium lightweight foam
  • Work for all types of hair, 6-rod sizes.
  • Foams maintain shape, easy to clean.

4. SchwabMarken Curling Rods (10 Pack)

 SchwabMarken Curling Rods (10 Pack)

This high-quality rods pack features professional quality curling rods with a complete new packing design for that classy look. You can easily bring these sets around with you, either you are traveling or working. It comes with 10 pieces of premium curling rods with a length of 9.5″ and a diameter of 0.63” in lilac color for that classy look.

These rods are made of high-quality plastic, so they are easy for you to create a professional curly hairstyle as they are extremely flexible and scalp friendly. They are also suitable for insertion and permanent waves. These soft rollers are also easy to use and easy to clean. Just like the above rollers, you can do your daily activities while putting on these premium rollers for that natural curl hairstyle.


  • 10 packs of professional quality curling rods
  • New upgraded professional design packaging
  • 9.5″ length, the diameter of 0.63” in lilac color
  • Extremely flexible, easy to bend, use, and clean
  • Suitable for insertion and permanent waves

3. xnicx 7” Flexible Curling Rods (47 Pack)

xnicx 7'' Flexible Curling Rods (47 Pack)

This pack of 47pcs of Flexi-rods Hair Rollers is ideal for curling all hair types, either long, medium, or short hair. It comes in 7 different colors & sizes to create curls and waves of different thickness levels and styles. It is made of very soft foam materials to ensure that you get those beautiful, bouncy and gorgeous curly curls effortlessly.

These curling rods are also easy to use and curl your hair as you can wrap your hair around the rollers and bend, twist, or roll them and leave them there while you clean, watch TV, or sleep. You don’t have to worry about damaging your hairs with these rollers as they feature surface smooth roll products to prevent hair breakage. It comes with a convenient to-go package for efficient storage and travel.


  • 7pcs of Flexi-rods Hair Rollers (all types/length of hair)
  • 7 different colors and sizes
  • Easy to use and curl
  • Smooth surface to prevent damage
  • Convenient to carry bag

2. FASHION LADY Spiral Hair Foam Curler Roller Set (20 Pack)

FASHION LADY Spiral Hair Foam Curler Roller Set (20 Pack)

This set of 20 pieces of Flexi-rod rollers comes with random colors of different size curling rods. They feature Soft Foam Twist Curling Rods to ensure damage-free hair curling with flexible and Skin-Friendly foam. It will not break your hair and scratch your scalp.

You can easily use these curling rods by bend, twist, roll your hair on them to effortlessly create beautiful, bouncy curls. You can easily remove them after short or long-term curling, and the foam shape will return to its usual shape. It is effortless to clean as it doesn’t absorb sweat or dirt. Just clean them in clear water, and you’re set. It comes with 30 Days No-Reason Return in perfect condition.


  • 20 pieces of Flexi-rod rollers (random colors/size)
  • Soft Foam Twist Curling Rods
  • Bend, twist, roll your hair
  • Re-shape foam, easy to clean
  • 30 days no-reason return

1. Aimin Hair Rollers (30 Pack)

Aimin Hair Rollers (30 Pack)

This hair roller pack is straightforward to use and suits all hair types. The set features a super light and soft foam to ensure you get that perfect hair curl without damaging your hairs and scalp. If you have longer hair, you can even use 2 rollers together to get that perfect curl. The set contains 30pcs red sponge hair rollers and 1pcs hair rollers special bags.

This premium roller pack is effortless to use. Just wrap your hair for 30 minutes, and you would get the natural curly hairstyles. The rollers do not absorb sweat or dirt, so you don’t have to worry about them becoming dirty and smelly. However, it is ideal for cleaning them with water and drying them after multiple uses. It comes with a transparent zipper bag that is suitable for travel or holiday. It comes with a money-back return in 30days without any reason.


  • 30 mins, easy to use and suits all hair types
  • Super light and soft foam
  • No damage to hairs and scalp
  • Extra comfortable to wear
  • Anti-sweat and dirt absorption, easy to clean
  • Zipper bag, 30-day money-back return


So that was the reviews of the 8 best hair curling rods and their features to enhance your hair styling and curls. Now that you know the important features to look for in a good curling rod, we hope you are fully equipped to go and browse for the best one right now. Remember to consider the quality of the rod foam and easy to use features for your convenience. Enjoy browsing and happy shopping!