Gymnastics Bars For Home 2019 Reviews

With the gymnastic industry constantly evolving, there are little or no limitations on who can do what or why. If you are considering buying a small home gymnastic bar for your little kid, you’re probably spending extra time and dollars to take your child to gymnastic lessons. Well, why not help your little gymnast take lessons from the comfort of your home? Having a gymnastic bar at home will tremendously increase your child’s skills Choosing a gymnastics bar exhibits huge concern to many – not to say anxiety.

7. Simone Biles Gold Star Gymnastics Bar Beam, and Mat Package

This gymnastic bar comes with a 1-5 inches’ diameter wooden bar with 100 lbs. Weight limit. The device height is adjustable between 3ft – 5ft, its four ft. Wide base fits a standard 4′ x 8’inches mat beneath. Simone Biles bars are constructed with laminated wood and coated with synthetic suede to give an excellent finish. The 1-3/8-inch landing mat is sturdy, made with durable 18 oz. Vinyl nylon top.


  • Durability- this bar is made of heavy steel gauge, and so extended quality service is guaranteed. –
  • Safety — The gymnastic bar is embedded with rubber end caps to avoid sliding and destroying the floor surface.

6. 4ft Purple Horizontal Bar and 6ft Pink Folding Gym Mat

4ft Purple Horizontal Bar and 6ft Pink Folding Gym Mat

This standard set features a four ft. High horizontal bar and a 4ft wide base as well the bar comes with a pink coloured mat. The swinging bar is wooden and about 1.5 inches round with a 100Ibs weight limit. The mat is strong and made from 1-inch foam covered with 18-ounce vinyl nylon. This exclusive material makes it fire and puncture resistant. The gymnastic bar also comes with a one year warranty.


  • Flexibility — The mat can be folded and stored separately saving space. Durability — the set bar can be used in any weather. It is well coated and rusts free.

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5. Z-Athletic Expandable Junior Training Bar & Extension Kit Package

The Z-Athletic Junior Training set is the best and most sturdy home bar available in the vast market. It can withstand a maximum weight of 130pounds. It can adjust height from 36″ to 59″ inches; the 40-mm rod is made of fiberglass and coated with wood. Its construction makes it more robust and stable. The Z-Athletic Junior kit can perform up to 1-5 level kips. The product is new and highly durable.


  • Strength- The set can accommodate weight up to 1000Ibs with no safety concerns.

4. Norbert’s Athletic Products Gymnastics Mini Bar

This quality gymnastic bar from Norbert’s Athletic is ideal for both home and gym use as well the diameter bar can easily extend to about 38″ to 58″ ft. It is recommended for level 3 and up with a maximum 100 lbs. In weight. The sturdy rail is 1.5 inch in diameter, made from maple wood to accommodate tight grip, while else, the frame and base are made with steel for firmness. All its steel surfaces are well coated with powder, and the bases are fitted with rubber boots to avoid floor damage.


  • Easy to assemble and dissemble — The set is convenient in small spaces after workouts because of its flexibility ease.

3. Tumbl Trak Junior PRO Gymnastics Bar

Unlike the Tumbl Trak in position 3 in our ranking, it’s a top option for home gymnastic, unlike others. The quality junior bar is exceptionally stable, and it features a 1.5inch diameter bar made with heavy gauge steel, ensuring extended durability. It features round corners and a wooden swinging bar made from beech wood. The frame can be easily disassembled in approximately 10min and also grows taller with the athlete.


  • Stability- The gymnastic bar needs no plywood because the bar is steady enough to support more weight on its own. Portability — the set can be easily assembled and moved to a different location with ease.

2. Z-Athletic Gymnastics Expandable Junior Training Bar

Ranking 2 on our chart is the Z-Athletic Gymnastics heavy duty bar. The set can support up to a maximum of 130pounds (1000 Ibs) compared to none so far. The sturdy rail is 40mm diameter made from fiberglass and coated with wood, and this increases strength. The base is heavily reinforced and covers 4.2ft x 4.2ft of floor space. The set can perform up to 5 level kips and any four ft. Mat will fit underneath.


  • Sturdy- The rails are strong and durable. The set can hold weights of up to 1000Ibs and stay longer without any problems.

1. Tumble Trak Gymnastics Junior Kip Bar

The Tumble Trak Junior Bar ranks first in this review with an approximately 1.5inches in diameter solid beech bar along with a heavy steel tubing to ensure a safe and sturdy option for the kids training. It also features smooth round corners to ensure guaranteed safety. The junior bar can be easily adjusted in several stages 38 inches and 56 inches, and its 4ft wide bar will comfortably accommodate various four ft. X 8 ft. mats available. The gymnastic bar is also fitted with height adjustment knobs and also maintaining a maximum weight of about 125Ibs. All quality features, practicality and design combine to make its first position in the review.


  • Flexibility — this gymnastic bar comes with all the required features accessible to beginners till higher level gymnastics. Cost- The cost is budget minded considering all the features embedded in the junior kip bar Durability- the materials used in construction can tolerate extreme pressure and still fit for an extended time

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