Top 8 Gluten Free Bread Crumbs 2020 Reviews

Gluten free bread crumbs are made by baking the gluten free bread and crumbing it to produce a crisp golden bread crumbs that are ready for use When looking for gluten free bread crumbs in the store such aspects as flavour and cost may guide you the combination of ingredients will also be a key consideration in making your choice.

A number of gluten free bread crumbs products are on the market and sometime it may be overwhelming trying to make a choice of which is the best. Considering that these products are much more expensive than their gluten counterparts, there is need to choose wisely so that you get value for your money.

8. Aleia’s Breadcrumb

Aleias Breadcrumb

This Italian product is a perfect infusion of bread crumbs and a blend of herbs and seasonings. These bread crumbs will definitely improve the flavour of your favourite dish whether it is chicken cutlets, light & crispy mozzarella sticks or Grandma’s meatloaf. Some of the ingredients used to make this product include brown rice flour, potato starch, brown sugar, tapioca flour, eggs, Non-GMO canola oil, garlic powder, herbs, yeast and spices.

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  • The product has a great taste
  • These bread crumbs are light, crispy and crunchy
  • You can buy them directly from the manufacturer’s website

7. Aleia’s Gluten Free Panko Crumbs

Aleias Gluten Free Panko Crumbs

Aleia’s is among the first producers of finest ad certified gluten free products on the market. It was founded by a culinary trained chef who was unhappy with the gluten products and had a desire to make great tasting gluten free products. This passion has driven Aleia’s to make premium products that have enhanced the range of choices for the customer with the same quality and taste. These bread crumbs are crispy, flaky and light in colour with a crunchy airy texture.


  • It gives you an extra crispy coating on your fried foods ii) It combines perfectly well with your favourite recipes iii) It’s Gluten free

6. Katz Gluten Free Sliced Challah Bread

This is a versatile and delicious sliced bread product that can be used directly from the freezer. You don’t need to use a toaster to use this product. You can enjoy its greatest taste and softness with a fluffy texture. You can eat it plainly or add your favourite spread to it. The manufacturers of Challah Bread have been rated by the customers among the best in the market when it comes to production of finest gluten free baked products.


  • A very good bread for allergic people ii) The bread has a good taste and even kids would love it iii) This bread doesn’t fall apart when you toast it

5. Krusteaz Cornbread Mix

This bread crumb has been made with real honey and comes as squares, skillet or muffins. It is a perfect side dish for any meal you take. Despite being gluten free, the bread tastes so good such that you may not notice. Krusteaz the manufacturer of this bread started in 1932 by a group of women who made a just add water pie crust, the first of its kind by then. Today it still retains the family brand while producing very innovative products to suit the different market needs.


  • The bread comes in a range of choices from squares to muffins and skillet ii) These products are also easy to make iii) They are very delicious

4. Katz Gluten Free Powdered Donuts

Katz Gluten Free Powdered Donuts

This wonderful product will satisfy your cravings for chocolate, cakes, cookies and bars while keeping your stomach calm and healthy. It comes with great taste, convenience and texture. These bread crumbs maintain the sweetness during snacking be it for gluten intolerant people, those that are allergic to dairy products or those that are sensitive to nuts and soy. It utilizes the natural ingredients during its production.


  • They are delicious, soft and moist ii) Made from natural ingredients iii) They taste like a real donut while maintaining the same size of a donut

3. Gillians Foods Breadcrumb

Gillians Foods Breadcrumb

Gillians have been known for their gluten free products like rolls, burger buns, sandwich loaves and garlic bread. There bread crumbs are great products for serving with fish, beef, poultry, veal and pork. Ingredients used to make these products include rice flour, basil, water, parsley, oregano, salt, black pepper, garlic powder, yeast and sugar. They can be frozen to enable longer storage.


  • They come with a great taste ii) They are delicious iii) They can be stored for a longer period of time

2. Schar Gluten Free Bread Crumbs (pack of 6)

Schar Gluten Free Bread Crumbs

This Italian product is one of the top choice in Europe. It has been made from corn flour and rice based pasta. This product has an excellent texture, delicious taste and ideal consistency. The Schar manufacturers are rated as one of the best gluten free brand in Europe and they have been in the business of producing top quality brands for over 25 years. These bread crumbs are gluten free, lactose free, wheat free, free from hydrogenated oils, free from preservatives and free from trans-fat.


  • These bread crumbs come with a delicious taste as compared to other gluten free products
  • They have an excellent texture
  • These bread crumbs are free from trans fats and hydrogenated oils

1. Schar Gluten Free Bread Crumbs – 8.8 pounds

Schar Gluten Free Bread Crumbs

Schar gluten-free bread crumbs can be used to enhance your meat and seafood by giving it a tasty flavour and a nice crispy browned look. You can add it to your daily meal or to a special home dinner or for meeting the needs of your gluten-free family members and friends. The Schar brand is from Italy and it is well known for its non GMOS qualities.


  • These bread crumbs come with a delicious taste as compared to other gluten free products ii) They have an excellent texture iii) These bread crumbs are free from trans fats and hydrogenated oils