Top 10 Fabric Cutting Tables 2020 Reviews

Get It Right With A Fabric Cutting Table. As a seamstress or even a hobbyist, you want a table that will hold up to cutting loads of fabric, and hopefully provide some storage area for your sewing supplies. A table that is beneficial for a sewing room is one that has some length, and ideal durable surface so that cutting does not mar it. You would also want one that has a built-in measuring area, with a groove for your scissors. A good quality cutting table will be roughly three to three and one-half feet tall. Even though you purchase a fabric cutting table, you would be best to use a cutting mat which will allow the surface of the table to last indefinitely.

10. Sew Ready Comet Multipurpose Table

Sew Ready Comet Multipurpose Table

This sewing table can be used for multiple purposes. As a cutting table, a sewing station or even as a computer desk. The table itself has a moveable section that will drop down to hold a sewing machine or computer keyboard. The dimensions are 30” in height, with the tabletop registering in at 36” x 23.5”. This multipurpose table is stylish enough to have in any room of your home.


  • A folding table on the side
  • Four adjustable levelers to ensure stability
  • Lower storage shelf for sewing necessities
  • Drop leaf tabletop
  • Adjustable platform for sewing machine

9. SD Studio Designs Project Center

SD Studio Designs Project Center

This is labeled as a project center and has many uses for it. This table includes a matching bench. The table has a stylish design and the color is neutral to match any surroundings. This handy multipurpose table measures 28” high, 37 ¾” width and depth of 21 ½”. Besides being a great cutting table, this can be used as a craft table, a student center or a kid’s activity table.


  • Two hooks for hanging items such as bookbags
  • A paper roll holder with one roll of paper included
  • Each foot has a floor leveler for stability

8. Sauder Sewing Craft Cart

Sauder Sewing Craft Cart

This Sauder Sewing Craft Cart is done in a rich cherry finish, making this a work of art on its own. This is built with an engineered design in mind. There is a drop-leaf design to give added space. The surface of this gorgeous multipurpose sewing table is made with melamine and is heat, stain, and scratch-resistant. The dimensions are 40” x 40” and a height of almost 29”. This multipurpose sewing table does require assembly.


  • Two adjustable shelves behind the door
  • Comes with two storage bins
  • Easy roll casters
  • Hidden compartment for sewing machine

7. Ironing Cover Home Quilter’s Table

Ironing Cover Home Quilter’s Table

This is the perfect table cover for those who enjoy sewing and quilting. The ironing quilters cover allows for ironing your seams as you sew.has a large cutting grid right on it, making for easy measurements. Here you have a lightweight and portable for use wherever you need cutting space. This pad is silver-coated with the grid guide. The cover is heat resistant, although it is suggested to use an iron glide to prevent possible damage to the grid. This works great on any table.


  • 33” x 59” surface
  • Padded for safety and comfort
  • Gridlines for easy measuring

6. Craft and Hobby Essentials

Craft and Hobby Essentials

This is a free-standing unit that is foldable for easy storage. This table works great for cutting, sewing, and quilting. Six legs for sturdiness. With the two storage drawers and the lower shelf, you gain extra room to hold supplies or fabric. This is a fixed height table that is highly durable and has two drop-down leaves. This table allows you to open just one side of the table if you do not need much space.


  • Caster wheels on each of the six legs
  • Two slide-out mesh drawers
  • Lower shelf to hold and store sewing necessities
  • Four of six wheels are locking wheels

5. Sullivans Adjustable Home Hobby Table

Sullivans Adjustable Home Hobby Table

This durable style table will make your fabric cutting and quilting much more comfortable. The steel frame makes it stable while you do your work either sitting or standing at the table. All your quilting and cutting needs can happen right here. This is an adjustable table that you can lower for either sitting down at or to stand and stretch your back out. The table can be folded and stored out of the way when not in use.


  • Two integrated shelves
  • A durable laminated top to the table
  • Legs each have locking casters

4. Sullivan’s Home Hobby Adjustable Table

Sullivan’s Home Hobby Adjustable Table

Here is one of the few truly adjustable tables made for comfort by design. All you cutting for quilt squares, clothing patterns all can be done on this durable table. This table can be adjusted from 29 inches all the way to a comfortable 38 inches for standing. Although this may look like a classic folding table it is far from. The home and hobby cutting table has two sections that drop down or raise up and can make the table longer for easier cutting.


  • Casters on all legs for easy moving, some are lockable
  • Two added shelves to hold scissors, notions or fabric

3. Offex Rolling Fabric Cutting Table

This is a rolling table that is used for quilting and fabric cutting. The table has a grid and guide to help in quilting or pattern cutting. Each leg has a caster for easy moving. Four of these casters lock to prevent rolling when you are working. The table measures 58” x 36”, making it a perfect size for all your sewing or crafting needs. The side panels on the top can be dropped down for easy storage or those times when you do not need as much cutting space.


  • Two slide-out mesh drawers to hold all your notions
  • The weight limit is 50 pounds for the main table, 15 pounds for each drawer
  • The grid has centimeters or inch measurements
  • Height adjustable in 1.5” increments

2. SD Studio Designs Metal Tray For Crafting Tables

SD Studio Designs Metal Tray For Crafting Tables

This is a metal tray that will fit on top of most crafting tables or sewing tables. When you place this on your cutting table, the tray will hold all the supplies you need for cutting and measuring your fabric or crafts. The U-shaped design allows for this tray to fit nicely on most other craft or sewing tables. The inclusion of a cell phone holder keeps your phone close and safe from sharp scissors, paints or any item that could cause damage.


  • Two mesh, wire swivel cups
  • Flexible foam pencil or marker organization

1. Sew Ready Studio Designs Cutting Table with Drawers

Sew Ready Studio Designs Cutting Table with Drawers

This is your folding, multipurpose table that can be used for cutting all fabrics, papers or other craft items. When fully open, the table measures five-foot, when folded, the size becomes a minimal 12.25 inches. Comes complete with a lower shelf and two slide-out mesh baskets to hold all your supplies. The center portion of the table will hold up to 50 pounds, while either end will safely hold 25 pounds each.


  • Six legs with lockable casters
  • Height adjustment in 1.5-inch increments
  • Mesh drawers can hold 15 pounds of sewing, cutting or crafting supplies