Top 8 Condor 3 Day Assault Packs 2020 Reviews

The fact that you are purchasing a Condor backpack does not mean you should choose any random model. Review your available options and choose a model that will satisfy your storage needs. If you travel with 40 cubic feet worth of gear, for instance, purchasing a 20 cubic feet Condor backpack is a poor decision. You should also check the quality of the backpack on offer and its relative ease of use before spending money.

8. Condor 3-Day Military Pack Kryptek Mandrake

Condor 3 Day Military Pack Kryptek Mandrake

The benefits of Condor 3-day backpacks are diverse. Made of quality materials, for instance, most models are durable. They are also spacious and have comfortable designs that individuals can travel with easily. Kryptek Mandrake meets this threshold. Featuring a spacious 50L design with approximately seven dividers and internal pouches, it is a desirable accessory for hikers and campers. The padded shoulder straps offered are comfortable and adjustable and its integrated waist belt designed to boost its stability. This 2300g backpack is durable, MOLLE/ MLCS system compatible, and has a stiffened back that boosts safety.


  • Durable 2300-gram design
  • Seven compartments and dividers
  • Comfortable and adjustable straps
  • Stiff back that prevents back injuries

7. Condor Outdoor Convoy Backpack

Condor Outdoor Convoy Backpack

Do you want a durable Condor backpack for regular use? Even though most models are professional-grade, this outdoor Convoy Backpack is a valuable model. Durable, it is one of the best for day-to-day use. The five compartments offered deliver up to 22L of storage, while its heavy weight webbing has attachments for accessories such as sleeping bags. With each original you purchase, you get a large and zippered main compartment with a padded sleeve for 13-15-inch laptops. You also get spacious side pockets, a padded hydration compartment on its back, and padded shoulder straps that distribute weight evenly.


  • Zippered main compartment
  • Padded laptop sleeve (13-15-inches)
  • Broad and padded shoulder straps
  • 22L cumulative storage space
  • Durable professional-grade design

6. Condor Venture Pack

Condor Venture Pack

Perfect for use during outdoor adventures, Condor Venture Pack is a valuable one-sized backpack with admirable features. Its olive drab theme, for instance, has a charming outlook that people like. Storage capacity is approximately 27.5L, while its padded shoulder straps, sturdy waist belt, and its padded back section ease its use. By cushioning stress well, they also lower the risk of injuries when traveling long distances with heavy loads. If you are a student, this pack has a 13-15-inch padded laptop sleeve that comes in handy. For campers or hikers, on the other hand, the 2.5-liter hydration compartment offered will keep you going for long. This pack is durable and attainable cheap online.


  • 2.5-litre hydration compartment
  • 27.5L storage space
  • Cost-effective
  • Padded straps and panels
  • Aesthetic olive drab theme

5. Condor Urban GO BAG

Condor Urban GO BAG

A popular on-the-go bag among students, campers, and professionals alike, Condor Urban GO BAG is a versatile outdoor accessory. Available in charcoal black, it has a charming outlook. Its built-in laptop sleeve and gadget pocket (quick-access) are functional, while its zippers closures are tight and protective. In rainy weather, you do not have to worry about water penetrating its seams and damaging your personals. As most products listed, this urban-styled backpack from Condor is durable and offers both comfort and convenience in an affordable pack.


  • Aesthetic urban-style design
  • Waterproof seams and zippers
  • Quick-access gadget pocket
  • Built-in laptop sleeve (padded)
  • Versatile and multi-functional design

4. Condor H2O Pouch

Condor H2O Pouch

When hiking and or camping outdoors, proper hydration is vital. Unfortunately, with the heavy plastic containers available in stores, transporting sufficient amounts of water remains a challenge. This Condor H2O Pouch solves this problem. Black-themed, it has a spacious 10×4-inch main compartment that fits most types of water bladders. It also has a spacious front pocket (6.5x4x1-inches) for storing personals and a webbing with numerous attachment points.


  • Webbing with attachment points
  • Spacious main and front pocket
  • Light and portable design

3. Condor Rip-Away EMT Pouch

Condor Rip Away EMT Pouch

With Condor Rip-Away, you get a tan-themed tri-fold EMT pouch with multiple pockets for categorizing personals. Double zippered, most compartments are safe. The quality material used in its production resists tears well, while the additional 2-inch webbing it comes with fits most travel accessories. For those with a tight budget, this pouch is affordable. Its handle is wide, comfortable, and designed to ease its transportation.


  • Convenient tri-fold design
  • Stain-resistant tan-themed fabric
  • Double zippered compartments
  • Spacious 2-inch webbing

2. Condor Compact Assault Pack

Condor Compact Assault Pack

Perfect for individuals that like traveling light, this compact assault pack from Condor is an ideal day-to-day backpack. It has an 18x10x5-inch main compartment. It also has a second compartment, front bottom, and a top compartment that offer ample space for storing small accessories. Even though small, this one of a kind backpack is durable. It is also hydration compatible and has comfortable straps (compression and shoulder) that offer value. By distributing weight evenly across the back, stress/strain, for instance, are non-issues to users. Order yours today.


  • Comfortable straps
  • Versatile multi-pocket design
  • Light and portable body
  • Tear proof material and seams

1. Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

Condor 3 Day is a large load assault pack with a professional-grade design that users appreciate. Perfect for traveling and backpacking, its durable design holds up well over the years. The shoulder straps (contoured) and drag handle offered are sturdy, while its support for up to two 3L hydration bladders is impressive. Apart from transporting your personals safely, you will also have sufficient drinking water. Overall, you get seven functional compartments including two radio pockets, two extra mesh pockets, and map/document pockets.


  • Seven functional compartments
  • Support for hydration bladders
  • Perfect for traveling and backpacking