Top 8 Cigar Box Guitar Kits 2020 Reviews

The cigar box guitar is a very popular homemade musical instrument and it is used widely before the Civil War. The cigar box is used for making the body of the guitar. Besides, the instrument also needs two other major parts, strings, and the neck.

A cigar box guitar kit contains strings, all the hardware, and even the cigar box. So, you can make an instrument by simply adding your own hardwood plank for the neck. It is easily available at a hardware store or a lumber yard. The kit should also contain a drill, a screwdriver, and a saw. A dedicated wood shop or expensive tools are not required for making a cigar box guitar.

8. Fretting Kit from C. B. Gitty

Fretting Kit from C B Gitty

Do you want to get a great fretting cigar box guitar starter kit? Then it is worth considering Fretting Kit from C. B. Gitty. This kit is designed for helping you to achieve success in your first fretting attempt. The kit comes with a great 39-page guide, which is really helpful for understanding the fretting basics. You will also get a 6-feet medium nickel-silver fret wire if you purchase this kit. You will also get almost all of the hardware and parts that are helpful for making a great cigar box guitar. C.B Gitty designed this kit for helping the first time CBG builders. Easy to follow instructions and detailed photos help you complete your task successfully. The kit also contains some simple tools such as a screwdriver, drill, and saw. You can find a board for neck very easily.


  • Highly useful for fretting cigar box guitar
  • Contains medium fret wire
  • Contains 39-page guide
  • Nickel-silver fret wire
  • Frets work great

7. C.B Gitty Complete Cigar Box Ukulele Kit

CB Gitty Complete Cigar Box Ukulele Kit

The C.B Gitty Complete Cigar Box Ukulele Kit is designed for making you a great working cigar box guitar. You can build an easy to play concert-scale instrument by using this ready-to-assemble kit. The kit comes with only the required tools and equipment. In order to make it easy, the kit is equipped with a fully illustrated 14-page assembly guide. Thus, you can build your uke confidently by using this kit. You will not get a happy, bright sound from any other instrument. The kit allows you to assemble your instrument in a straightforward way. You can do it if you have basic tools and woodworking skills.


  • Nice kit
  • Perfect for first-time instrument builders
  • Contains real cigar box and parts
  • Illustrated instruction booklet included

6. C.B. Gitty Pure and Simple

CB Gitty Pure and Simple

If you want to build a great sounding instrument, you can surely purchase C.B. Gitty Pure and Simple cigar box guitar kit. Incredibly low price is one of the major attractions of this kit. In order to make it more affordable and great sounding, the manufacturer of this kit come with a stick on box method of straight headstock, single sound-hole, and mounting neck. It comes with an innovative flying bridge, which is the unique characteristic of this kit. It is helpful for transferring string vibrations down to the box lid and around the neck. This kit is ideal for making a great sounding cigar box guitar. Thus, you can play it right out of the box.


  • Really affordable
  • Helps to make a great-sounding instrument
  • Stick on box design
  • Innovative flying bridge
  • Nice and unique

5. C.B. Gitty Cigar Box Amplifier Kit

CB Gitty Cigar Box Amplifier Kit

The C.B. Gitty Cigar Box Amplifier Kit helps you to build your own amplifier. You will get everything from this box that is helpful for making a great cigar box amplifier. This complete cigar box amp kit contains all you need to build a 2.5 watt amplifier. The corners of this box are decorated with shiny nickel. Thus, you can dress your amp very nicely. If you have basic know-how, you can make an amazing product by using these tools for drilling soldering, cutting, and screws.


  • Allows you to make a great amplifier
  • Kit contains all essential tools
  • Great quality
  • Easy to put together

4. C.B Gitty One-String Cigar Box Guitar Kit

CB Gitty OneString Cigar Box Guitar Kit

Do you have the passion for Cigar Box Guitar? Are you new to the building of these types of music instruments? Then, you need not worry. You can make an amazing one string cigar box diddley bow by using the C.B Gitty One-String complete Cigar Box Guitar Kit. A real cigar box is the amazing part of this guitar kit. Besides, you will also get the required hardware, all of the parts, and an illustrated instruction booklet. The kit is perfect for you if you are making the instrument at the first time. You can make a wonderful Cigar Box Guitar if you have basic tools and woodworking knowledge.


  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Comes with fully illustrated assembly guide
  • Ready-to-assemble kit
  • Easy to play instrument
  • Hardware and instructions included
  • Minimal tool is required

3. C.B. Gitty Complete Pure & Simple

CB Gitty Complete Pure &amp Simple

If you want to purchase the best and easiest CBG kit for building the instrument, C.B. Gitty Complete Pure & Simple is the best option. It contains how-to-play and how-to-assemble videos. You can really make a playable, attractive CBG within an hour if you use this kit. You will also get all necessary things for making a perfect CBG. This kit is designed for building an unfretted, 3-string CBG for slide playing.


  • A complete CBG kit
  • The easiest way to build the instrument
  • Comes with all necessary tools, equipment, and illustrated instruction booklet
  • Most affordable

2. C.B. Gitty Basic

CB Gitty Basic

Do you want to build a cigar box guitar in a perfect way? Then you can go with C.B. Gitty Basic. This Cigar Box guitar kit comes with all necessary hardware and parts, which are highly helpful for making an amazing instrument. The kit contains strings, guitar tuners, and other hard-to-find hardware. You will also get a full 26-page how-to guide that makes your work easier. This is the most affordable and easiest way to build your cigar box guitar.


  • Very useful
  • Helps to make an attractive cigar box guitar
  • Affordable
  • Easiest way to build the instrument

1. Hinkler EBB Electric Blues

Hinkler EBB Electric Blues

The popularity of homemade cigar box guitars is increasing rapidly for the past few months. Once, it was known as the musical instrument for the poor. But today, it has also become a hobby of the rich people also. Some of the blue legends such as Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, etc started their music career by playing these types of instruments. If you also want to build an amazing instrument, Hinkler EBB Electric Blues is the ideal option. People are also showing greater interest in homemade cigar box guitars. The kit comes with a CD that contains more than 20 tracks. This is highly helpful for making a wonderful instrument.


  • Highly useful kit
  • Affordable
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to make the instrument