8 Cell Phone Charging Stations 2020 Reviews

Why do you require a cell phone charging station because it raise sales, attract large number of clients and to keep the guests happier and longer. Consumers and all technology users understand that when the mobile phone dies, they lose link with the world. This scenario is common, where people move out of fortunate while they are away from the device at house or car chargers. Charging stations will attract people from all age group due to the reason it solves the issue people experiences. You can a mobile charging station at office, home, restaurant and hotel.

8. AVLT-Power Juicy Power Universal Multi-device Charging Station

AVLT Power Juicy Power Universal Multi device Charging Station

This cell phone charging station has avlt power. It is a juicy power multi system charging station. The bamboo material clean up the working area from office or home. Keep the iPhone, watch, iPod, iPad, tablets and android smartphones and some USB charging units arranged on the counter or desktop. It is a charging dock organizer. Charger, cable, tablet and mobile phone are not included. This is a perfectly built charging station. All of the cords are hidden, so you do not want to worry about it heading over or the cords pulling out. The top placed strongly on the base.


  • This is a great charging station with beautiful design. It keeps the counter free of mess. The bamboo material is a fair option for devices when compared to plastic.

7. Okra 6-Port USB 2-in-1 Charging Station

Okra 6 Port USB 2 in 1 Charging Station

Okra 6-Port USB 2-in-1 Charging Station has a special two in one design. You can avail like a charging station or carry the removable six port hub with you. The USB ports are maximized to charge the tablets, smartphones, power banks, Bluetooth headphones, portable speakers, e-readers, digital cameras, MP3 players and any units which charges with the USB cord. The six ports are designed with IC chipset that identifies the connected gadgets and supplies the safe and effective charge for the gadget. It has a built in guard against over- charging, heating and power surges. It is a comfortable and pretty charging station.


  • This is a perfectly designed, stylish charging system. You can easily charge several gadgets in an effective, organized way. It charges safely and efficiently without any trouble.

6. Simicore USB Charging Station

This cell charging station is easy and comfortable with four port usb charging dock station. It helps to keep the tablets, smartphones and other gadgets arranged and completely charged on the counter and desktop. This device is easy to clean, easy to use and the led charging signal gives you information whether the gadget is totally charged or not. It easily charges all the tablets and phones without any issue. It offer a big relief to the users who has several devices to charge at one time. The built in safety method will not let the system to be overcharged.


  • This simicore charging station helps me from losing the cables every now and then. It is very convenient and helpful.

5. NEXGADGET Detachable Universal Multi-Port USB Charging Station

NEXGADGET Detachable Universal Multi Port USB Charging Station

This charging station arrives with eight slots, smart IC and eight USB ports for charging several gadgets. This strong charging unit will charge about eight systems. Every port smartly recognizes the system and tries to optimize its charge speed. It is two in one cable suggested for maximum function. It has ROHS, CE, SAA, CUL, ERP, FCC certificates. It is a best device for gift giving. Each detail was constructed to make sure the best quality and the ideal experience. The charging station is strong and has a natural look for a beautiful office or home.


  • The removable plastic dividers create it comfortable to stand or lay the gadgets down. It is compact and efficient.

4. Satechi 7-Port USB Charging Station

Satechi 7 Port USB Charging Station

It just connects the charging cable and this strong device will charge about seven gadgets including high powered systems like tablets. This charging station has seven Velcro straps for dealing cables. The built in charging chipset offers decides the charges required for the unit, supplying safe and consistent charge. This device packs power without requiring lot of spaces on the desk. You can charge the systems and store them without the need to eliminate protective covers. Keep the units charged and organized always hence they are prepared when you want them.


  • This is a best device, I am availing it like the home base for my firm WiFi hotspot units and it makes them neat and nice.

3. MobileVision Bamboo Charging Station

MobileVision Bamboo Charging StationWhether utilizing the stand with a company delivered or combined with a multiple charging strip, feel the leisure of making a customized charging station from single power source. The dynamic magnets protect the lid and make sure the gadgets are stable. The pretty natural bamboo material includes simply the proper accent to the decor. You can arrange and charge the units in one easy place. Operational cord management structure created in to base. It provides a trouble free assembly, just connect the adapter to the side wall and it is prepared for use.


  • I have been using this product the last eleven months, no broken wooden piece, no damages, and great product.

2. G.U.S. Multi-Device Charging Station

G.U.S. Multi Device Charging Station

The tangled cables and misplaced chargers are today things of the past, thanks to the design of the multi device charging station. You can place all the chargers in one convenient location. You can even power it up utilizing an outside charging system. It is constructed to fit all the electronic gadgets. Whether at the office or house, this device can double up easily like a specialized organizer dock which tucks away the dangling cables invisible. It is hundred percent eco friendly bamboos, definite to last long and compliment with all types of interior designs.


  • Nice design and good touches like magnetic latches for keeping it together. A great construction that is effective.

1. RAVPower 60W 12A 6-Port USB Charger Desktop Charger Charging Station

RAVPower 60W 12A 6 Port USB Charger Desktop

It is an attractive 60w power to charge six phones at one time and at total speed. Every port charges efficiently and quickly with smart technique. There is an overheating, overcharging and short circuit protection. The portable size of the charging station creates it best for travel. It is good not to avail the third person charging cables. Avail only RAVP or OEM cables. The compact design is a new generation. It also promises an efficient and faster charging speed. It is a durable, elegant and helpful unit and the technology is also great.


  • The 2.4A ports charge with amazing fast speed and offer 2.1 amps of current, that is more or less good for the unit.