Top 8 Billet Steering Wheel 2020 Reviews

Are you getting bored with your car’s default steering wheel? Are you looking for a sleeker-looking steering wheel to live up your driving experience? It might be time you get your car a new decoration. However, choosing a suitable billet steering wheel is never an easy task as there is so much for you to consider since you will have to stick with it almost every day. Anyway, we have compiled a list of the 8 best available billet steering wheels in the market for you to choose according to your preference. And, since you also need a separate adapter to set up your steering wheel, you might want to check out another article about it from us.

Buying Guides of Billet Steering Wheel

Size: Since the billet steering wheels come in many different sizes, you might want to look for the one that suits your routine. If you are used to driving with a wider steering wheel, you should be looking for the one at higher inches, possibly 15”. And, if you love driving with an average size, 13.5” should make it for you.

Design: Since one of your main reasons for changing your steering wheel is the outlook, you might want a new one with a chic-looking design. Or, if you want it a bit more vintage and classic, we also have them in the recommendation list below.

Materials: Since you will have to stick with your newly purchased steering wheel for years to come, you should find the one with premium materials. And different materials also give different feeling when gripping onto it. Thus, choose the one your hands fit the most.

8. Replacement for 9-Bolt 100mm 2.25 inches X 13.5 inches Billet Aluminum/PVC Leather Racing Steering Wheel (Black)

Replacement for 9-Bolt 100mm 2.25 inches X 13.5 inches Billet Aluminum/PVC Leather Racing Steering Wheel (Black)

This is the Billet Racing Steering Wheel made primarily from Vinyl Leather and Aluminum. This racing steering wheel comes in a size of 13.5″ Diameter with 2.25″ Dept Dish-Racing Spec. The whole body of the wheel only weighs 3 lbs, making it comfortable to hold on to. Meanwhile, the premiere design of this wheel incorporates the chromed spokes and a 9x100mm bolt pattern all along the handle. And, you can rest assured that this steering wheel can fit compatibly with any Steering Hubs Standard 100mm 9-Bolt Pattern. With this steering wheel, you will surely have a new experience of full synchronization with your vehicle.


  • Premium Material (Vinyl Leather and Aluminum)
  • Lightweight
  • Chromed Spokes

7. Steering Wheel 1/2 Wrap 14″ Sniper

Steering Wheel 1/2 Wrap 14

Coming from a household manufacturer, there is not much to question about this steering wheel quality. This steering wheel has milled finger notches that provide you extra comfort when gripping. Besides, Billet Spec builds this steering wheel with a lightweight focus, making it weigh only 2.85 lbs. The grain leather and aluminum material of the wheel will indeed provide you a premium experience. You can also choose one among the seven classic colors for the wraps for a more hands-on automotive art design.


  • Milled Finger Notches
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple Color Selection

6. Grant 440 Challenger Chrome Steering Wheel

Grant 440 Challenger Chrome Steering Wheel

The next suggestion is 440 Challenger Chrome Steering Wheel from Grant. This is a 13.5-inch wheel with a stunning black and white looking. This is a world-class looking wheel with three-dimensional hi-tech and dual-plane four-spoke design. The world-class looking also means a world-class driving experience. The design also incorporates a three-bold pattern just right beneath the horn button. The stainless steel of the spoke and the black foam round cushion grip is just the right combination. However, coming in a dimension of 13.5 x 13.5 x 4.5 inches, this steering wheel is a bit heavier than the previously mentioned products.


  • Stunning Design
  • World-Class Looking
  • Stainless Steel and Black Foam Cushion Grip

5. Grant 969 Classic GM Steering Wheel

Grant 969 Classic GM Steering Wheel

This is another recommendation from Grant ‘969 Classic GM Steering Wheel from Grant’. This is a 15-inch wheel with a 4 1/8 inch, and you will surely feel vintage with this wheel. This wheel uses a whole black foam cushion grip to provide you a comfortable grip when driving. Grant also designed a beautiful spoke in the mid-point of the wheel, made primarily from brushed stainless-steel. You also get an officially licensed horn button (Chevrolet Bowtie) from General Motors attached to this wheel. However, this wheel feels a bit heavier than the previous products, ranging at 3.93 lbs.


  • Vintage Design
  • Black Foam Cushion-Grip
  • Official Horn Button from General Motor

4. Grant 1901 Billet Series Leather Steering Wheel with Chevrolet Logo and Install KIt, 1 Pack

Grant 1901 Billet Series Leather Steering Wheel with Chevrolet Logo and Install KIt, 1 Pack

This is a 14.75 inches steering wheel modeled ‘1901 Billet Series Leather’ from the same manufacturer, Grant. If you like driving with a huge steering wheel, you might want to highly consider this one. You will also have ultimate comfort griping this steering wheel with its hand-stitched and leather-wrapped grip. And, of course, you will be stunned by this design. Grant also cooperates with Chevrolet for this wheel whereas you get a spoke with Aluminum polish and the Chevrolet logo engraved in the middle. There is also a full package of horn button and installation accessories provided when you purchase this product from Grant.


  • Hand-Stitched and Leather-Wrapped Grip
  • Aluminum Polished Spoke
  • Full Installation Package and Billet Horn Button

3. Grant 457 Club Sport Steering Wheel

Grant 457 Club Sport Steering Wheel

Grant seems to be monopolizing this recommendation list with another of its product ranking in third place. This model 457 Club Sport is another good offer with a 13.5-inch steering wheel under a really affordable price; that comes slightly below 100 bucks. A bit different from the earlier product, this 457 model has a leather grain texture wrapped grip with a molded polyurethane. With this, it’s an ultimate level of comfort and looks. The spoke is also polished with billet aluminum and there is a Grant logo engraved in the middle of the spoke. You also get nicely polished accents and trim rings with this steering wheel. Besides, like the number 4 product, Grant also provides you a full installation kit for every purchase. Driving with this wheel will nevertheless provide you extra premium feeling amid its affordable price


  • Affordable Price
  • Leather Grain Texture
  • Polished Aluminum Spoke, Polished accents, Polished Trim Ring

2. 5-bolt Steering Wheel 14 Inch Aluminum with Carbon Fiber Wrap and Horn

5-bolt Steering Wheel 14 Inch Aluminum with Carbon Fiber Wrap and Horn

This is the product Forever Sharp with its 14-inch 5-bold steering wheel. An upgrade from all the earlier products, this steering wheel has a Carbon Fiber Half Wrap. Since
Forever Sharp builds this product with 6061 aluminum (aircraft standard material) and a high polished finish, you will get to feel extra classy driving with this steering wheel. Not to mention that the horn button is also made from aluminum. This build-up also equips you with smooth finger grooves and a secure and comfortable grip. The sleek design of this wheel allows you to change the color of the half wrap at your preference. So, you can simply just choose anything that matches your car and your style. Despite all these premium materials, this 5-bold model from Forever Sharp arrives at a really affordable price, just slightly above 100 bucks.


  • Carbon Fiber Half Wrap with Interchangeable Colors
  • Aircraft Standard Material (6061 Aluminum)
  • Affordable Price

1. Top10 Racing 380mm 15″ Inch Grant Classic Nostalgia Style Wood Grain Steering Wheel

 Top10 Racing 380mm 15

This is the Top10 Racing Classic Nostalgia Style Wood Grain Steering Wheel. If you are a big fan of classic-looking cars, you should not miss out on this one. And, if you love driving in a huge steering wheel, this should be your pick with its 15-inch size and 4 1/8-inch dish wood. This wooden steering wheel is in fact a genuine hardwood with walnut finish, all within your finger grips. And like many of the earlier recommendations, this one also comes with brushed stainless-steel spokes. On top of that, the spoke has also been chrome-plated for a seeming mirror-like finish. While the mahogany wood of the front grip has been properly light-stained and coated with its back distinctively coated with automotive grade enamel paint. These will nevertheless equip you with very smooth finger grooves and a secure and comfortable grip. With such attention to detail, you will be amazed by driving with this steering wheel.


  • Classic and Vintage Design
  • Genuine Hardwood
  • Stainless-Steel Spoke with Mirror-like Finish
  • Comfortable and Secure Grip while Driving


So how are our suggestions? Have you made a decision yet? We hope you have already made up your mind within our provided list above. And if not, feel free to spend a bit more time since choosing a steering wheel is never an easy task. Besides, if you are not satisfied with the above list yet, we have another article solely about black billet steering wheels that you might also want to check out. Lastly, we hope you get to drive safely with your soon-to-purchase steering wheel.
Have a great time shopping!!