Top 8 Best Wireless Home Intercom Systems 2019 Reviews

A wireless intercom system is a great addition to a home. An intercom system makes it easy and convenient to communicate with your family within your home. People today no longer have to yell or walk across the house to find their family member. A wireless intercom system will allow you to communicate with family in a quick and easy way regardless of where they are in the house. An additional benefit is that these systems also can include cameras or smart doorbells which help to provide a sense of security for the family. Here is a look at the Best Wireless Home Intercom Systems on the market.

8. Wuloo Intercoms Wireless

Wuloo Intercoms Wireless

Wuloo Intercoms Wireless are an excellent option for your home intercom needs. This system provides a clear signal and a very long range. The system includes up to twenty-two channels and over one hundred digital cods. This is a secure wireless system full of features. One of its biggest features is an enhanced anti-interference. This system can work with other intercoms using the same digital code. This system also work well with Power Bank which makes it easy to take anywhere you want. A specifically placed hole allows for simple mounting of the system.

7. TekeyTBox Wireless System

TekeyTBox Wireless System

The TekeyTBox wireless system is great for the user who needs a system that works outdoors. The system consists of a long range that goes up to 1800 feet. This 10 channel secure wireless system is great for your home, office or business. Some of this systems features include group call function, individually function and a voice operated exchange feature. The TekeyTBox system also includes anti-interference signal technology along with the ability to be supported by power bank.

6. Qniglo Wireless Intercom System

 Qniglo Wireless Intercom System

The Oniglo Wireless Intercom System is a great option for your intercom needs. This wireless system has nine channels has a range of up to 1800 feet. Users do not have to hold a button down when speaking. This system is suitable for both your home and office. It features an automatic answer mode that allows the unit to answer automatically without a ring. This great feature allows you to monitor in a child in another room without bothering them. All Qniglo products include a 45 day money back guarantee.

5. Intertalk WC121AC Wired Gate Entry Intercom System

Intertalk WC121AC Wired Gate Entry Intercom System

The Intertalk Intercom System is one of the best systems on the market. It’s a perfect system for those who have young children or have seniors they are taking care of. This system can be mounted on a desk or a wall. It’s also perfect for door answering with a door bell intercom. This Intertalk System comes at a reasonable price and can be used in a variety of settings.

4. Samcom Wireless Intercom System

Samcom Wireless Intercom System

The Samcom Wireless Intercom System has twenty channels and covers up to one thousand feet. It allows for effective communication in both a home and office environment. This is a great system for making announcement whether individually, by group call function: One-one or One-to-many communication. The included monitor feature is great for keeping an eye on younger children. This system provides support for power bank and works with several other systems. Perhaps the system’s best feature is two way radio system which acts as a doorbell system as well. The Samcom System also includes a Lifetime Quality Warranty.

3. Hosmart Wireless Intercom System Hosmart

Hosmart Wireless Intercom System Hosmart

The wireless intercom system by Hosmart is an excellent choice of your communication needs. Hosmart has more than thirty years of experience producing quality products. This particular system has excellent range up to a half mile. This system is packed with a number of features which include group call function, voice operated exchange, and ten hour monitor. This system allows you to connect your walkie talkies to the system. It provides support for Power Bank and is perfect for outdoor, home or a business.

2. Home Intercom Wireless System

Home Intercom Wireless System

The Home intercom system comes at a reasonable price of $99 dollars. Its a wireless system that requires no installation. It includes a 462 MHz wireless operation. The system allows you to page all stations at once and allows for one to one or one to all stations communication. The system includes multiple sounds and LED lights. The system also allows for great use at home the office or outdoors.

1. Digital 3-Channel FM Wireless Intercom System

Digital 3-Channel FM Wireless Intercom System

The Digital 3-Channel FM Wireless Intercom System is the final intercom on the list of Best Wireless Home Intercom Systems. Currently less than one hundred dollars, this system allows you to page all your stations at once, one to one paging and and one to all stations communication. This easy to use system requires no installation. To set up the designed station simply press down and hold the channel button until you hear a beep tone or the led light comes on. Two great features of this system include the three separated channels for individual call and talk along with call all talking feature. The call all feature allows the user to to call individual rooms separately and then call and talk to all of the rooms at once. This system is effective up to 1500 feet and includes a lockable talk feature that lets you talk continuously throughout the house.

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