Top 8 Best Point And Shoot Cameras Under 300 Reviews 2019

Point and shoot cameras do come with some disadvantages as well. Image quality is usually lower in a point in shoot cameras which is fine if major enlargements or professional applications are not in the future. ISO range can be narrow limiting different shooting conditions. Shutter speed can be a concern for point and shoot camera owners. In order to buy a camera that fits the photographers need, they need to weight the strength and weaknesses of point and shoot cameras and decide which the best to suit their needs and abilities.

With all of the differences, let someone else do the hard work. Below is a list of eight best point and shoot cameras under 300 listing the goods and bad to provide a simple comparison between the different models.

8. Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 Digital Camera

The Canon PowerShot is a point and shoot camera will provide quality photographic performance. It has a 20.0 megapixel sensor and a large expandable ISO range (up to 1600) and aperture to be able to adjust to the environment along with the built in flash. It has a 2.7” LCD display for easy viewing and navigation. The Canon Powershot has easy print sharing that allows photos to be printed without a PC.

7. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300K

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300K

The Lumix DMC has a 3.0” LCD rear touch screen swivel and 12.1 megapixels. The zoon on the Lumix is 25-60 mm or 24x and it has a worry-free splashproof body. The ISO range is up to With Wi-fi built into this point and shoot camera, sharing photos is a breeze.

6. Panasonic Lumix 4K Point and Shoot Camera ZS60S

Panasonic Lumix 4K Point and Shoot Camera ZS60S

The Panasonic Lumix 4K Point and Shoot camera has a 3” screen and image stabilization. At 18.1 megapixels and 30x optical zoom, this camera allows for close ups when far away. A camera with this zoom is ideal for travel and everyday photography. With wi-fi mobile device connectivity via the Panasonic app, photo sharing and controlling camera features remotely is simple and hassle free.

5. Canon PowerShot SX20 Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot SX20 Digital Camera

The Canon PowerShot SX20 is the second PowerShot in the best This PowerShot is tad bulkier and more like a DSL camera. It has a super-zoom of 20x, a high ISO capability of 3200 and 12.1 megapixels to yield brilliant photographs with amazing color accuracy, detail and sharpness. The 2.5” LCD offers 270 degree tilt and 180 degree flip for easy shooting at any angle. An advantage to the Canon PowerShot is the AA batteries it uses which can be purchased anywhere.

4. Sony DSCW800 20.1 MP Digital Camera

Sony DSCW800 20.1 MP Digital Camera

The Sony DSCW800 is the newest DSCW model. It is super compact fitting in the pocket of your jeans. It has 5x optical zoon with 20.1 megapixels. The panorama model helps to capture the whole scene. The Sony allows the user to have picture effects such as pop color, partial color and soft-high. The 3200 ISO allows for clean and clear photos. The 2.7” LCD allows photos to be framed like a professional. The case for the Sony DSCW can be in a variety of colors.

3. Sony RX100 20.2 MP

Sony RX100 20.2 MP

The Sony RX100 has 6400 ISO and 20.2 Megapixels to capture rich, high-quality images even in low light. It has a fast autofocus to allow action not to be missed. With a 7.2x zoom detailed close-ups are achieved without sacrificing the pixel count. Picture effect modes allow in-camera treatment of photos. The 3” LCD screen allows high contract even in outdoors. Continuous shooting can freeze the moment up to 10 frames per second.

2. Panasonic Lumix FZ80 4k Digital Camera

Panasonic Lumix FZ80 4k Digital Camera

The Panasonic FZ80 ranks as #2 of the best 8 point and shoot cameras due to the 4K photo and video capture performance. 18.1 megapixel sensor resolution and 60X zoom allows for crisp, clean and clear photos no matter the size and lighting. The fast and accurate focusing utilizes the LUMIX focusing system. USB charging makes this a travel ready camera. Wifi connection to a mobile device means access to viewing, editing and printing photos anywhere. Photos can be recorded at up to 30 frames per second so the exact moment meant to be captured will be. The Lumix FZ80 is impressive in low light. The most intriguing part of this camera is the shoot now, post focus feature allowing the user to set the desired focus points after the photo has been taken and even allowing several focus points to give greater depth to any photo.

1. Sony DSCW800/B

Sony DSCW800/B

The top point and shoot camera is the Sony DSCW800/B. 20.1 megapixels and 5x optical zoom and 40x digital zoom makes this camera the idea travel partner for the price and all it has to offer. Panorama scene allows the whole landscape to be experienced. HD video capacity allows for beautiful videos. 3200 ISO allows for bright and crisp photos no matter the environment. The 2.7” LCD is able to seen indoors or outdoors with minimal glare. Auto flash that can also be turned off or slowed makes photo taking easy.

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