10 Best Matcha Green Tea Powders 2020 Reviews

How do you keep yourself fresh and energized all day long? Many people resort to drinking coffee as part of their everyday life. How about you? What’s your favorite drink of the day? If your answer is coffee, you might want to try a healthier drink gradually. ‘Matcha Green Tea’ is becoming a trend in today’s society. Not solely because it provides a refreshing taste, but it can bring many health benefits to the consumers. For instance, it has high epigallocatechin gallate for fighting against cancer. Even if you find it hard to move from coffee to green tea matcha, you might still want to bring this habit to your kids. There are many matcha brands in the world, but we have prepared for you the best ones. Thus, why don’t you check out our suggestion of the best matcha powder?

However, it can be inefficient to go directly to our suggested matcha powder products. Thus, we recommend you check out our buying guides first for better decision making.

Caffeine vs. De-Caffeine: This is the first dilemma for you. You have to highly consider if you want a caffeinated matcha green tea powder or a decaf one. Tea generally contains caffeine. However, some have been processed adequately for decaffeination. If you are going to drink the matcha at night, you might not want a caffeinated one, especially if you are buying for your kids.

Culinary vs. Ceremonial Grade: You also need to survey yourself if you want a culinary grade or ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder. Culinary has a more bitter and robust flavor. Meanwhile, ceremonial matcha is like a fine wine with such a delicate taste. Ceremonial grade matcha is also typically more expensive. Both are produced through a few different processes.

Health Benefits: You should carefully consider the health benefits that different matcha green tea brand has. Some matcha brands have more vitamins and healthy factors than others. Some of them are even beneficial to your metabolism.

Additional Features: There are many other features or factors for you to look at. For instance, if you are a vegan, you might want vegan-friendly matcha. And, if you love organic products, your choice should be the organic matcha green tea. Remember to not settle for less.

10. Trader Joe’s Matcha Green Tea Latte 8 Oz

Trader Joe's Matcha Green Tea Latte 8 Oz

This is Trader Joe’s instant, sweetened Matcha Green. Being known as instant, you can easily make yourself a cup of hot matcha latter with just 6 oz of boiling water and 3 tablespoons of this fantastic matcha green tea powder. And, if you love to have it cold, you need to add in a cup of ice. Then, you are good to go. The whole package of this green tea latter is 16 ounces. And, it has a sort of caffeinated content. Thus, this can be your new morning drink instead of the typical coffee. The whole fat calories per each serving are only 6 grams, and the sodium is 50mg. You’ll also get the protein of 1g. Besides, this matcha latte from Trader Joe’s has Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Calcium. This will serve your taste and your health at the same time.


  • Served as both hot and cold beverage
  • Caffeinated Content
  • Vitamin A, C, and Calcium

9. Sencha Green Tea Powder

Sencha Green Tea Powder

If you are somewhat interested in a decaf matcha powder, you might want to try the Sencha green tea matcha powder. This is an organic green tea powder with 100% natural health benefits. You will receive the catechin antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E, dietary fibers, and relaxant Theanine. There is also less caffeine in this green tea at about 3 mg only per serving, compared to the ordinary one. Sencha embraces a natural water process to decaf this matcha. You will taste no bitterness but only smoothness from this matcha green tea. The whole package of this is 1.1 ounce, which can serve approximately 30 servings. You can mix this matcha powder with any of your favorite drinks, smoothie, salad, dip, and more.


  • Decaf matcha powder
  • Antioxidant, vitamins, dietary fibers, Theanine
  • No bitterness

8. Ito En Matcha Green Tea, Sweet Powder

Ito En Matcha Green Tea, Sweet Powder

Are you ready for a delicious matcha latte from Ito En sweet matcha green tea powder? This is a versatile powder that can serve as an addition to any new recipe. You can serve this as both a hot and cold beverage. This one comes in a package of 17.5 ounces at a somewhat affordable price. This matcha powder is milled from premium quality green tea leave. IT is full of health benefits and very vibrant in terms of taste. You’ll love to see that this Ito En sweet matcha powder is rich in catechins, antioxidants, vitamin C, and L-theanine. However, this one can come off a bit sweet compared to the standard matcha green tea powder.


  • Versatile powder
  • Healthy benefits and vibrant taste
  • Sweet matcha green tea

7. Navitas Organics Matcha Powder, 3oz. Pouch, 85 Servings

Navitas Organics Matcha Powder, 3oz. Pouch, 85 Servings

If you are looking for a premium culinary grade matcha powder, Navitas will never disappoint you with their best organic matcha green tea powder. This organic matcha powder is sold in a package of 3 ounces, and you can have up to 85 serving for 0.5 tablespoons each. This Navitas matcha powder is ready to bring you energy, vitality, and concentration. It is sourced directly from Japan, whereas enthusiastic farmers only apply traditional green tea production methods. This one has a strong green tea flavor. You can use this matcha powder to make a delicious cup of matcha latter or adding them to smoothies, baked goods, oatmeal, and more. There is zero fat, gluten-free, 8mg calcium, and 10 mg sodium per serving. There is also 16 mg of caffeine per serving.


  • Premium Culinary Grade
  • Organic, Gluten-Free, Zero fat
  • 16mg Caffeine per serving

6. Buddha Teas Organic Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder

Buddha Teas Organic Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder

Coming up next is the organic Japanese green tea matcha from Buddha Teas. This is ceremonial grade matcha with a total weight of 30 grams or 1 ounce. This organic green tea comes with excellent taste and smell. You will totally love to tell that it’s absolutely organic whenever you drink one. The robust green tea flavor embedded in this will blow up your energy all day long. It is rich in fiber, vitamins, and chlorophyll, which are all beneficial to your health. This one also helps to lower blood sugar and cholesterol in your body. There’s caffeine embedded in this one with a semi-strong effect. Buddha tea is ready to calm down your mind.


  • Ceremonial grade matcha
  • Organic, zero fat
  • Rich in vitamins, chlorophyll, fiber

5. Wild Foods Store Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Wild Foods Store Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Are you looking for an authentic Japanese matcha powder? This is the JAS certified authentic and organic green tea powder from Wild Foods. Each package of this ceremonial grade green tea powder is 4 ounces or 114 grams. On top of that, Wild Foods creates this matcha powder to be gluten-free, non-GMO, pesticide-free, and shade-grown. Not to mention that this is also vegan-friendly. Each serving of this astonishing green tea is equal to about 10 cups of the typical brewed green tea. The most experienced farmers, for generations, are the ones who grow the green tea. The production might be small, but that’s how premium quality is built. There is 3 gram of calories and zero sodium per serving. Besides, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Iron are no strangers to this green tea.


  • Ceremonial grade matcha
  • Organic and authentic (JAS-Certified)
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO, shade-grown
  • Vegan-friendly, vitamins, irons

4. DoMatcha – Master’s Choice Green Tea Matcha Powder

DoMatcha - Master's Choice Green Tea Matcha Powder

This is a master’s choice of green tea from DoMatcha. DoMatcha green tea powder comes from a natural source of caffeine, antioxidants, and L-Theanine. You will get to experience the vibrance and robust flavor of this exquisite ceremonial grade matcha from DoMatcha. It is smooth and sweet to drink. The remarkable blend will bring you an amazingly clean umami flavor from the careful cultivation of generations of farmers. The farmers handpicked the green tea themselves in spring and during shade gown. The Tencha tea leaves are the primary source of this matcha, especially when they are de-veined young. The total weight is 1 ounce; thus, you can serve yourselves or your loved ones with 25 servings.


  • Natural source of antioxidants
  • Vibrant and robust flavor
  • From experienced farmers (generation)
  • From de-veined young tea leaves (Tencha)

3. Pure Leaf 100% Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Pure Leaf 100% Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

If your jam is the authentic matcha green tea from Japan’s Kagoshima region, you should place this matcha powder from Pure Leaf highly in your list. This one is culinary grade matcha that is ideal for matcha latter, smoothies, and banking recipes. The growth and harvest of this matcha powder are from the certified tea garden. Thus, there are stringent standards for growth and sustainability. You should pour 0.5 teaspoons of matcha powder into 2 fluid ounces per serving for the best taste. And, then you can add more water after the matcha properly disperses into the water. The net weight of this matcha is 100gram or 3.5 ounces. It is simple enough for 100 servings.


  • Culinary grade matcha
  • Authentic matcha powder from the Kagoshima region
  • From certified tea garden (sustainability)

2. Matcha Kari – Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha Kari - Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha Kari perhaps has some of the best organic, original, pure, and authentic matcha powder. There is careful cultivation for this unique green tea powder. The experienced farmers first-harvest tea leaves after intensive care and preparation. Every single leave is shaded as little as 3 weeks before they are handpicked. The first harvest allows for a high level of neurostimulation antioxidants and compounds. This matcha powder is also 100% pure with no sugar, no preservatives, and all-natural. Meanwhile, each serving of the matcha has about 40 to 80 milligrams of caffeine. There are also polyphenols in this matcha powder to help boost your body’s metabolism. The net weight of 1.06 ounces is enough for 30 servings.


  • Premium First Harvest
  • Authentic Japanese Origin
  • Source of antioxidants and compound
  • Help body metabolism

1. Pacific Beverage Matcha Green Tea Powder

Pacific Beverage Matcha Green Tea Powder

If you are still indecisive, this matcha bar premium ceremonial grade matcha green tea from Pacific Beverage should be your pick. This premium matcha green tea powder is low in calories; thus, it reduces stress better. It also calms down your nerve, raises your blood cholesterol while at the same time lowering your bad cholesterol. This ‘health tea’ spends a significant amount of its growing life under shade to preserve the amino acid content. This green tea powder from Pacific Beverage also helps to assist you during training and yoga. Besides, it is also high in Magnesium, dietary fiber, and Potassium Iron. It comes from a whole natural vitamin source, insoluble and soluble fibers, as well as L-Theanine. The package is also unique for this one as it comes in a 1-ounce tin can. You can get up to 30 serving from this tin can.


  • Classic Ceremonial Grade Matcha
  • 100% Natural Healthy Antioxidants
  • Reduces stress, calm down the nerve, manage cholesterol
  • High in Magnesium, dietary fiber, and Potassium Iron

We have brought you the 10 best matcha green tea powder currently available in the market. And, we hope you get to pick the most suitable one for yourself among the best. However, we also hope you remember to choose carefully based on our buying guide. You need to consider if you want a caffeinated or decaf matcha and culinary or ceremonial grade matcha powder. You also need to consider health benefits and other additional features that fulfill your need better. We cannot help you stay healthy with one of the most delicious drinks in the world.

Have a great time shopping!