Top 8 Best Juicers For Greens 2019 Reviews

For those of you that juice your leafy greens or plan on doing so in the future, there are some great choices of juicers available on the market for you to purchase. Leafy greens are very lightweight in nature. Therefore, they need to have the juice pressed out of them and you need the best juicers for greens available. Therefore, if you are going to juice a lot of greens, it is best for you to get a slow juicer like a masticating or triturating juicer. A triturating juicer will grind the greens down to a fine powder and a masticating juicer removes the juices out of the greens slowly.

8. Secura Masticating Big Mouth Cold Press Juicer

Secura Masticating Big Mouth Cold Press Juicer-

This juicer has a powerful motor that revolves at a slow speed so it can slowly remove the juice from fruits and vegetables. Since it slowly makes juice, it produces the lowest amount of frictional heat and oxygen. It effectively squeezes, crushes, and extracts the maximum amount of juice from fruits. Valuable vitamins and minerals are lost with traditional centrifugal juicers.

The drip-free smart cap keeps your counters clean while you are making juice. The wide mouth feeding tube makes the juice preparation process easier. The quiet motor operates at less than sixty decibels which makes it a lot quieter than other slow juicers.


  • It produces the highest amount of nutrients.
  • It is easy to put together and clean as its parts are detachable.
  • It makes sure that the juice is free of pulp.
  • It is powerful, but it has a quiet motor.
  • It makes juice quickly.

7. Aobosi Slow Masticating Cold Press Juicer

Aobosi Slow Masticating Cold Press Juicer:

It has a low speed of eighty revolutions per minute that prevents oxidation and preserves the live enzymes, nutrients, and essential vitamins that are destroyed by friction or heat. This juicer has a ninety percent juice yield. This juicer was made with greens in mind.


  • It makes juice in just a few minutes.
  • The slow mastication process perfectly separates juice and pulp.
  • The slow speed creates less oxidation and does not build up heat.
  • It has a safety lock design that makes it possible for you to put it together and take it apart quickly.
  • The 150 watt motor makes less than sixty decibels of sound.
  • The small mouth ensures that your hands will not be hurt while you are making juice.
  • It has no BPA in it.
  • It is dishwasher safe and is easy to clean.

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6. Aikok Slow Masticating Juicer

Aikok Slow Masticating Juicer:

This masticating juicer provides essential nutrients to adults and children. It produces mostly juice products from produce items like wheatgrass, oranges, celery, and carrots. It is black in color and produces 150 watts of power and 80 revolutions per minutes.


  • It perfectly removes the pulp out of the juice.
  • It makes less than sixty decibels of sound.
  • It is easy to put together, use, and clean.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • It is built strong and stable so it will last a long time.
  • It comes with a three-year warranty.
  • Aikok provides lifelong technical consultation and customer service.

5. Tribest Greenstar Elite Cold Press Masticating Juicer

 Tribest Greenstar Elite Cold Press Masticating Juicer:

This juicer has the reputation of being one of the best juice extractors and efficient food processors. It has a one-of-a-kind jumbo twin gear technology. Tests done by independent laboratories confirm that Greenstar’s Twin Gear Press extracts a “substantially higher amount of minerals” than leading juicers. The amount of essential minerals like calcium, iron, and zinc are 50-200 percent higher in juice made by Green Star juicers when compared to other name brand juicers.


  • The slow 110 rpm cold press juice extraction produces juice from all your favorite produce with minimal oxidation to create a high yield and a great taste.
  • With a few parts and a cleaning brush and scraper brush that come with it, this juicer is very easy to clean.
  • It can make a lot of different food products like frozen sorbets, nut butters, salsas, and pasta with the optional pasta nozzles.
  • It comes with an industry leading twelve year warranty.
  • It has a 200 watt power motor.

4. Omega Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center

Omega Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center:

This juicer and extractor has five adjustable pressure settings. It is easy to clean with an automatic pulp ejection. It has a built-in handle and it operates very quietly with a two horsepower motor. It also produces a lot of juice, therefore it will help you cut down on what you spend on groceries because you get a lot of juice with a small amount of produce.


  • It comes with a industry leading fifteen-year warranty that covers parts and performance.
  • The juicers made by these juicers lasts longer as it has a low speed of eighty RPMs which results in a very small amount of heat buildup and oxidation to promote healthy enzymes.
  • It has a dual stage mastication extraction process.
  • The nutrition center of this juicer extrudes pasta, grinds coffee, and makes nut butter, baby food, soy milk, and frozen desserts. It also minces herbs and garlic.
  • It has a large chute and a chrome finish.

3. Breville Cold Juice Fountain

Breville Cold Juice Fountain:

The Breville Juice Fountain makes juice with the smallest amount of damage possible to delicate vitamins and minerals which makes it one of the best juicers for greens. It’s Cold Spin Technology is known for transporting less than 1.8C while it is taking the juice out of produce. The 850 watt motor makes juice out of the toughest fruits and vegetables in just seconds.


  • It has an extra wide feeding chute that measures three inches so it can make juice out of whole fruits and vegetables.
  • The safety locking arm will not let the juicer operate if the cover is not correctly locked into place.
  • The seal-and-store jug is seventy ounces in size.
  • It has a two-speed electronic control. 1,300 rpm is for denser fruits and harder vegetables and a low speed of 6,500 rpm for leafy vegetables and soft fruits. -It is dishwasher safe. -The custom designed juice nozzle allows for mess-free juicing directly in a glass.

2. Omega Nutrition Center Juicer

Omega Nutrition Center Juicer:

This juicer is a masticating style juicer. It is a multi-purpose nutritional system. It can juice fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and wheatgrass. It can also make nut milks, nut butters, all natural baby food, fruit sorbets, and more.


  • It has a low speed of 80 rpms which makes it have minimal heat buildup and oxidation so it promotes healthy enzymes.
  • It has a two-hundred watt motor.

1. Breville Compact Juice Fountain and Extractor

Breville Compact Juice Fountain and Extractor:

This juicer is small, but powerful in nature. It provides all the power and performance that a Breville juicer is known for. The footprint of the juicer collects the juice so it will use very little counter space.


  • It has a 700 watt motor that operates at 14,000 rpms which means it produces the most amount of juice possible.
  • The locking arm makes it to where the juicing cover and locking arm in place to ensure that you have a safe juicing experience.
  • It is dishwasher safe and comes with a cleaning brush in order to make the cleanup process an easy one.
  • The froth separator ensures that the juice and froth are separated, so you get more juice with each glass.
  • It comes with a one-year limited warranty.

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