Top 8 Best Essential Oil Diffusers 2020 Reviews

Beneficial in numerous ways, most individuals have added essential oils to their collection of wellness accessories. For those with wrinkle and cellulite, for instance, essential oils are excellent skin-soothing remedies that come in handy. Oils such as frankincense, lemon, and lavender also sooth sore muscles, balance hormones and improve digestive function over time. All you have to do is choose a quality product and dispense it efficient at home to enjoy these benefits and more. This is where essential oil diffusers come in handy. Models are stylish, efficient, and have multi-functional designs that improve the wellness of users over time.

8. OliveTech Aroma with Wood Grain

OliveTech Aroma with Wood Grain

Combining beauty and superior performance in an affordable package, OliveTech Aroma starts our review of the best. Study, durable, and with an aesthetic wood grain finish, this product blends well in homes. Its changing LED lights (seven) are bright and soothing, while its compatibility with most essential oils is desirable. Featuring an adopted ultrasonic technology, OliveTech Aroma works quitter that most comparable brands. Used in the bedroom, therefore, forget about the annoying buzzing or humming sounds that comparable products make. You also get mist control (weak or strong), a timer (1, 3, and 6 hours), and an auto-shutoff technology for safety. The technology triggers automatically to prevent fires.


  • Mist control (weak or strong)
  • Adjustable timer settings (1, 3, and 6 hours)
  • Auto shut-off safety feature
  • Quiet ultrasonic technology
  • Mood-enhancing LED lights (seven)
  • 30mL of soothing moisture per hour
  • Aesthetic wood grain finish

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7. Viva Naturals Essential Oil Diffuser

Viva Naturals Essential Oil Diffuser

Perfect for aromatherapy and improving air quality in homes, Viva Naturals is a recommended day-to-day oil diffuser. Unlike some brands that generate overpowering mist, its quiet and efficient design soothes users better. Mist, for instance, is smooth and non-irritant. It is also cool and has a soothing fragrance that envelops rooms of various sizes. Coupled with its cool LED lights, you will have a memorable experience at home when resting or sleeping. Viva Naturals Essential Oil Diffuser has a mist feature for customizing flow (intermittent or continuous). It is also durable and has an auto shutoff feature that boosts safety.


  • Intermittent and continuous light modes
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Auto shutoff safety feature
  • Vibrant and changeable LED lights
  • Quiet ultrasonic technology

6. InnoGear Aromatherapy Diffuser

InnoGear Aromatherapy Diffuser

Are you struggling with the flu and or allergic reactions because of the poor air quality of your home? Couple with a quality essential oil, this cool mist ultrasonic diffuser from InnoGear will improve your experience. Featuring a stylish wood grain finish, it blends well in homes. Its 200ml built in tank is spacious and easy to refill, while the cool mist it produces soothes the body well. You also get cool LED lights (seven), an automated shut-off feature, and an adjustable timer (1-6 hours).


  • Adjustable timer (1, 3, and 6 hours)
  • Large (200ml) built in tank
  • Natural wood grain finish
  • Cool mist ultrasonic technology
  • Seven changing LED lights
  • Auto shut-off technology
  • Compact and portable design

5. URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

Recommended for diffusing essential oils and humidifying dry air, buy URPOWER to get a versatile 2-in-1 design that works well. Setup, for instance, is straight forward (plug and use). Its portable design is perfect for use in homes and hotels. You also get adjustable mist and light modes (7 LED) and a waterless auto shutoff function that kicks in automatically. Even though made of plastic, this product is durable. Run-time is approximately three hours, while the myriad of warranties offered (18 months on defects and 45-day money back) mirror its value. For the best experience with this oil diffuser, use 100% pure essential oils always.


  • Durable hard plastic body
  • Backed by warranties
  • Adjustable light modes (7 LED)
  • Compact and portable 2-in-1 design
  • Automatic shut-off function

4. InnoGear Real Bamboo Diffuser

InnoGear Real Bamboo Diffuser

Bamboo is a sustainable plant used to make numerous accessories. This diffuser from InnoGear, for instance, is a stylish accessory with colorful LED lights. It is BPA-free. It also uses a quiet ultrasonic technology that works with most essential oils. Whether you like lavender, lemon, or any other flavor, expect memorable results. This diffuser has four working modes (continuous, intermittent, 2 hours, and 1 hour) and an auto-shutoff function (waterless).


  • Auto-shutoff technology
  • Four working modes
  • Quiet ultrasonic technology
  • Works with most essential oils
  • Aesthetic bamboo body
  • Travel-worthy design

3. VicTsing Cool Mist Diffuser

VicTsing Cool Mist Diffuser

With VicTsing, you get a 300ml cool mist diffuser that works well in bedrooms, offices, and living areas. Made of wood, it has an appealing natural outlook. Its compact and somewhat primitive design complements most d├ęcor, while its large capacity design is perfect or heavy-duty use. Set up well, for instance, expect approximately 30ml is soothing cool mist per hour for up to 10 hours. The quiet ultrasonic technology it uses is super-convenient, while its adjustable light (LED) has a soothing effect. VicTsing Cool Mist Diffuser has four time settings (steady, 1, 3, and 6 hours), a durable design, and an automated power off system for safety.


  • Automated power off
  • High capacity (300ml) design
  • 10-hour runtime (30ml per hour)
  • Adjustable LED light
  • Four time settings
  • Stylish wooden design

2. URPOWER 500ml Diffuser/Humidifier

URPOWER 500ml Diffuser

A perfect remedy for soothing allergies and improving the air quality of homes, URPOWER is a large 500ml accessory for home use. Its adjustable timer (four) and LED lamp (seven) meets the needs of most users. Its advanced 4-in-1 design humidifies and purifies air too, while its ultrasonic technology is quiet yet efficient. By vibrating water over 2.4 million times per second, it generates a fine cool mist with soothing properties of essential oils. URPOWER has a 10-hour run-time, an 18-month warranty, and a 45-day money back guarantee.


  • 18-month warranty
  • 40-day money back guarantee
  • Quiet ultrasonic technology
  • Adjustable four-mode timer
  • Customizable LED lamp
  • Large (500ml) tank

1. Home Office Baby URPOWER (2nd Version)

Home Office Baby URPOWER

This second version of URPOWER diffuser is a popular budget product. Whilst smaller that some brands listed (100ml), this powerful cool mist diffuser never disappoints. Lights are bright and adjustable (seven). Its ultrasonic technology diffuses essential oils better, while its shutoff feature (automated) maximizes its safety. Apart from diffusing oils, this URPOWER is also an ideal humidifier for fighting air dryness. It is quiet, has adjustable mist settings, and is made of a hard plastic.


  • Durable hard plastic body
  • Diffuser and humidifier
  • Quiet ultrasonic technology
  • Shut-off feature (automated)
  • Bright and adjustable lights