Top 10 Best Cordless Hair Clippers 2020 Reviews

What is a cordless hair clipper?

A hair clipper is an instrument used for haircutting purposes, specifically those of men. It is similar to the scissors in terms of the principle but quite different in terms of the implementation. It usually comes in two main types – cord and cordless. While the hair clippers that come with a cord operates on electricity, the cordless one relies on the built-in rechargeable battery and is highly portable.

The following are some benefits and buying guides for purchasing cordless hair clippers. You can go through the first and further review the top 10 products as compiled.

Why should you buy a cordless hair clipper?

There are several reasons why you should buy a cordless hair clipper.

Maximum overall performance: Unlike the scissors, the best cordless hair clipper is powerful enough to perform difficult haircutting style or even the beards. It provides a satisfying job of a clean haircut and shaves that you need.

Cost-effective: The cordless hair clipper offers very efficient performance in shaving your hairs or beards. It will take just minutes to complete all the steps, relative to that of the scissors. This feature makes it a great investment for nice hairstyling.

Easy to use: It does not require any complicated process when using a cordless hair clipper. Turn the machine on, and the task will automatically start at your hands. Compared to the hair clippers with a cord, the cordless one saves you time in terms of the post-haircut, for there won’t be any wire-wrapping required.

What should you look for when buying a cordless hair clipper?

You cannot randomly purchase any cordless hair clipper you see. There are some guides that you shall follow to get a good purchase.

Motor: This is one of the essential things you shall consider before buying any cordless hair clipper. See if the one you choose is strong enough to handle the toughest whiskers and not getting stuck. The motor should also work compatible with the blades and not causing any harm to the skin.

Blades: Most cordless hair clippers out there on the market consists of a stainless-steel blade. See if the blade is sharp enough to provide you with a clean haircut without any obstacles.

Battery: Ensure the battery incoming with the hair clipper is in good condition. Also, check the battery life, whether it’s long-lasting enough to give you a satisfying performance and use. The standard battery life of a hair clipper is between 40 to 60 minutes, while others may be more than that. The best batteries are those of Lithium-Ion technology, for it has fast rechargeable speed and longer operating time.

Handgrip: You should always make sure the size, weight, and the handgrip of a cordless hair clipper are within your comfort zone before purchasing one. When you’re comfortable with using the equipment, the haircut outcome will also be satisfying accordingly.

Easy to clean: Good maintenance of the hair clipper will help prolong its useful life and maintain its operating efficiency. Therefore, regular cleaning would be pretty helpful. Most of the clippers come along with a cleaning brush, while others are waterproof, so the only thing you can do with cleaning is rinsing them with water.

10. Professional Cordless Hair Clipper for Men by the Healthy Skin Glow

Professional Cordless Hair Clipper for Men by the Healthy Skin Glow

This professional cordless hair clipper men by the Healthy Skin Glow is among the best cordless hair clippers available on the market. It incorporates 4 built-in length settings and 5 adjustable lengths for a blade limit regulator. These features enable you to perform a quick, efficient, and impressive haircut by meeting your different needs. This grooming kit consists of high-quality materials that will give off quite a fast and clean haircut performance. It is further long-lasting and does not irritate your skin.

Besides, it can constantly operate up to 1 hour and a half and is fast-charging with the provided USB charger. Coming in a lightweight, this cordless hair clipper is highly portable. You can bring it along for your travel by literally placing it into your bag. Its body design is additionally ergonomic, making it easy to grip and hold for use. In short, it is a great option for personal use or professional barbers.


  • Performs a quick, efficient, and nice haircut
  • High-quality materials
  • Long-lasting and does not irritate the skin.
  • Fast charging
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • A great option for both personal use or the barbers

9. OriHea Hair Clippers for Men, Cordless with LED Display

OriHea Hair Clippers for Men, Cordless with LED Display

OriHea is a professional-grade cordless hair clipper for all sorts of hairstyles. It comes with 4 standard-length combs and 5 adjustment levers, making it applicable for a broad range of hairstyles and lengths. Its blade is of stainless steel and titanium, making it durable and achieve a smooth cut all the time. The blades are further washable and rust-resistant. For maximum performance, its powerful yet quiet motor comes with a 5W power. For application, this hair clipper is essentially easy to hold. It can operate continuously for up to 6 hours and is fast-charging within 1.5 hours to be fully charged. There is also the LED display that shows the remaining battery of the machine.


  • Applicable for all hairstyles
  • Durable and delivers a smooth cut
  • Washable and rust-resistant blades
  • Offers a powerful yet noise-free performance
  • Easy to use
  • Long operating time and fast-charging

8. Professional Cordless Hair Clippers Set by CIICII

Professional Cordless Hair Clippers Set by CIICII

This is a professional cordless hair clipper set by CIICII. Coming as a multi-functional hair clipper, it can be used for various haircuts, including grooming, trimming, cutting, and so forth. It is literally great for both personal uses or the barbers themselves. With the 2200mAh Lithium battery, this hair clipper can run for over 3 hours and is fast-charging with the incoming USB quick charger. You can literally plug it anywhere applicable and put the hair clipper on the charging mode. The full stainless-steel metal shell and the carbon-steel cutting blades offer you the chance to get a sharp and clean haircut. Not to mention, it has an LED display for the battery power, charge indicator, and lubrication oil reminder. The ergonomic design further allows you to handle the clipper easily and perform your task happily.


  • Multi-functional hair clipper
  • Great for personal use or the barbers
  • Long-running time and fast-charging
  • Easy to charge
  • Offers a sharp and clean haircut
  • LED display for battery power, charge indicator
  • Easy to use

7. Wahl Clipper Lithium-Ion Cordless Haircutting Kit

Wahl Clipper Lithium-Ion Cordless Haircutting Kit

This Wahl cordless hair clipper offers an exceptional performance with its 2-hour run time. This allows you to achieve several haircuts per single charge. It features a 15-minute quick charge for instant power and a fully-charged fast-charging of 3 to 5 hours. This haircutting kit is capable of cutting through all sorts of hair types. You will literally be able to perform a smooth, clean-cut all the time. Besides, this brand is being used by professionals at the salon and in the hairdressing industry for over a century; for this particular reason, it is considered among the best cordless hair clippers for barbers.


  • Offers an exceptional performance
  • 2-hour runtime and fast charging
  • Applicable for all sorts of hair types
  • Achieve a smooth, clean haircut every time

6. Professional Cordless Hair Clippers by Cosyonall

Professional Cordless Hair Clippers by Cosyonall

This cordless hair clipper by Cosyonall comes with an all-metal-housing design that can be used to satisfy the different demands of professional barbers. The ergonomic feature and top-notch material construction add strength to the product in terms of durability and comfortability. In this respect, this hair clipper literally has a long useful life and allows you to take control over it for hairdressing or haircutting performance easily. It can last up to around 5 hours and can be fully charged again after 3 hours. The LED light shows you the battery level, so you will not have to be surprised if the machine suddenly turns off while you’re using it. On top of that, its compact and convenient design makes it easy for achieving a nice haircut, and ideal for carrying along when traveling.


  • All metal-housing design
  • Ergonomic design and top-notch material construction
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Long operating time
  • Compact and convenient to use and transport

5. SKEY Professional Hair Clippers – Cordless and Rechargeable Haircut Kit

SKEY Professional Hair Clippers – Cordless and Rechargeable Haircut Kit

This is a 16-in-1 professional hair clipper by SKEY. By purchasing this hair grooming kit, you will receive a set of different hairdressing accessories such as comb, scissors, USB charger adapter, cleaning brush, storage bag, and so forth. The storage bag is a great use to keep everything inside for traveling purposes. Coming with the LCD, you can easily know the remaining battery of the hair clipper before putting it on a charge. Being waterproof is convenient to clean, and you will stress-free from causing any damage to the product. Performance-wise, it features adjustable ceramic and titanium blades that offer you a precise trim. Thus, it has 2-speed settings that you can select accordingly. Thanks to its top-quality Lithium battery, its battery capacity is impressive and can operate up to 4 hours straight.


  • 16-in-1 professional hair clippers
  • Great for traveling
  • LCD to show the remaining battery
  • Waterproof – easy to clean
  • Offers a precise trim
  • Impressive battery capacity

4. Professional Cordless Hair Clippers for Men by GEEDAR

Professional Cordless Hair Clippers for Men by GEEDAR

GEEDAR hair clippers should be among your choices when it comes to buying the best cordless hair clipper. It is essentially high-performing with its powerful speed motor that has 11 adjustable speeds. Such a feature is basically meant for the professional barbers to deliver an astonishing haircut. Its blades are made from titanium and ceramic, so they are pretty sharp and durable, making your haircutting experience smooth and precise. Also, its cordless feature further eases your burden if you’re to move around in different directions. Besides, the built-in high-quality Lithium-Ion battery allows such a device to be running for up to 5 or 7 hours. You can view the battery level with the incoming LED display.


  • Powerful speed motor – 11 adjustable speeds
  • Sharp and durable blades
  • Highly portable
  • Great battery capacity
  • Long operating time
  • 1-year warranty

3. Paubea Electric Cordless Hair Clippers – All-in-one

Paubea Electric Cordless Hair Clippers – All-in-one

This all-in-one electric cordless hair clipper by Paubea is designed with adjustable combs of 9 length settings. For this particular reason, it considers being one of the best cordless hair clippers for barbers, for it guarantees to offer them a remarkable haircutting experience. On a 1.5 hour fast-charging feature charged via the provided USB quick-charging adapter, it can last up to 1 hour of constant operation. With the smart HD LED display, you can view the large clear screen to see the device’s battery status and the cutting speed, making it one of the hair clippers that is easy to use. Thus, its waterproof design makes it completely washable without the risk of damage from water. After each use, all you need to do is to rinse this haircutting kit, and you’ll be all set.


  • Offers a remarkable haircutting experience
  • Fast-charging
  • Smart LED display to view battery status and cutting speeds
  • Waterproof – making it washable

2. Ion MAX 5-Speed Cordless Clipper

Ion MAX 5-Speed Cordless Clipper

If you’re looking for the best cordless hair clipper to achieve a superb haircut, Ion MAX 5-speed cordless clipper should definitely be among those choices in your shopping cart. It has built-in 5-speed levels up to 7000 RPM so that you can adjust the speed according to your liking. It features a piercing blade made from titanium and ceramic, which is adjustable from 1mm to 1.9mm. For safety and easy-to-use purposes, this cordless hair clipper comes with a locking switch design that holds the blade securely in one place during its operation. Not to mention, it has quite a high battery capacity. In this case, its battery is pretty long-lasting, for it can last up to 5 hours of operating time.


  • 5 adjustable speed levels
  • High-quality piercing blade
  • Safe and easy to use
  • High battery capacity

1. EKUZI Hair Clippers – Professional Cordless Haircut Kit

EKUZI Hair Clippers – Professional Cordless Haircut Kit

EKUZI is one of the notable brands for producing professional cordless clippers. This product comes with a set of several extra gifts, including guided combs, hair combs, scissors, cleaning brush, cleaning sponge, protective cap, USB charging adapter, and more. With the provided storage pouch, you can keep all the instruments well-organized and carry it along for traveling purposes. It features 4 adjustable blade lengths that can be selected based on personal preference and haircutting circumstances. The blade is further easy to install and clean. Besides, its 2500mAh Lithium-Ion battery can offer a running time of up to 5 hours at most, which is pretty impressive. Thanks to the incoming LED display, you will be worry-free from not getting prepared to charge the device when it’s on a low battery. Why? Because the screen will clearly show the battery status to notify you.


  • Storage pouch for well-organized product
  • Highly portable
  • The blade is easy to install and clean.
  • Can operate up to 5 hours

Whether it’s for personal use or professional barbers, a cordless hair clipper is essentially useful and important to achieve a clean haircut. Looking for one that fits your preferences and is efficient at the same time is never easy. Therefore, you can follow the provided buying guides when choosing the best cordless hair clipper, including the motor, blade, battery, handgrip, and easy to clean. Keep these considerations in mind throughout your buying process, and you will surely have a satisfying purchase. Happy Shopping!